November 26, 2011

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Edition

Today is Saturday, and I am writing a Friday post. Call it late, call it lazy, call it so-tired-I-can't-even-remember-what-day-it-is.... call it all of the above. In the past few days life has taken priority over getting anything done, so today has been a concerted effort in catching up: several loads of laundry, a weeks worth of dishes, extra time at the gym to make up for not going yesterday, lots of sorting through the piles that seem to spring up like weeds, and a belated blog post. Check, check, check, check, and here we go.
This week seemed to be a good one for being thankful... or at least talking about the things we're thankful for the other 51 weeks of the year. If I'm honest, it has been a particularly crappy week, filled with spilling coffee all over my favorite pants, crises of technology, and the several depressing football games I've had to watch today (if it weren't for Alabama, I would just stop being a college football fan altogether). As is common recently, I've had to struggle to see the silver linings, expending a lot of energy to find things for which to give thanks. But like always, those things are still present -- often small and well-hidden, buried among so many moments of frustration, disappointment, and sadness, but there. And today, here:

My birthday was not what you would call happy, but thanks to a few wonderful people, it was a day in which I felt very loved. Several of my coworkers rescued me from a miserable morning with pumpkin bread and cake, a willingness to cry with me, comforting words, and a much-needed day of vacation. Thanks to them, I was able to spend lots of time with my family, who fed me well and encouraged a rather large amount of cake consumption. Definitely a tough day without my sweet hubby here to celebrate and facing my dad's worsening condition, but I was lucky that so many people made the effort to ensure that my day was special.

I can't exactly think of a Thanksgiving food that I am not thankful for. I prefer dark meat, apples and cornflakes with my sweet potatoes (don't judge until you try it), fried onions in my green beans (and by the handful), and my great-grandmother's pumpkin pie recipe. I like thick, gooey stuffing, excessive amounts of gravy, and cranberries in the shape of an Ocean Spray can. Add a rather large glass of red wine to wash it all down, and you have one happy girl.

Need I say more? The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is one of my very favorite parts of the year, every year. I have no idea what about it thrills me quite so much, but I tend to get overexcited and insist that everyone watch with me while I become increasingly animated with each balloon. Unfortunately this year it was just me and the furball and I was mostly only able to listen from the kitchen, but I made sure to see the important characters: Snoopy, Kermit, and the Rockettes. On a related note, this is a few years old, but remains one of my very favorite commercials:

(Very) long story short, I am thankful to still have a certain furball to curl up with me at night. One of my Thanksgiving dinners was eclipsed by a traumatic event involving Toby and a rather tight space in my mother's house. Instead of eating, I spent several hours wedged into said tight space, tearing up my hands in an attempt to reach my explorative kitty. After several failed attempts, I was assured that he would come out when he was good and ready, which it seems that he did: the next morning when I went over for a last effort before calling Animal Control, he had thankfully squeezed himself back through. Poor guy is exhausted though -- I actually had to wake him up to eat last night, which is absolutely unheard of around these parts.

Finally, I'm terrified thankful that it's finally time to start thinking about Christmas. It's hard to believe that we have less than a month until the big day, but I'm definitely ready to start listening to my holiday Pandora station and breaking out the decorations. Figuring out what to get for everyone? I could probably use an extra month on that....
Happy Friday Saturday, everyone!



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