April 30, 2012

Weekend By The Numbers

Today's post comes to you straight from my new cubicle, which came complete with a window view (very exciting for a former basement-dweller) and a fancy new job title (marketing coordinator sounds important, right?) Unfortunately, my blogging may be a bit thrown off by my new schedule, but I'm going to do my best to stay up to speed. I am sure that the three people reading this blog would probably be lost without pictures of this handsome guy to get them through their days:

I was a busy little beaver this weekend, and I thought I'd share in a format I haven't used in a while. Here's how my days measured out:

... meals of pizza. This is incredibly strange for me, but hubs and I seems to be on a bit of a pizza kick lately. Friday night, we got takeout from this amazing local spot -- I usually get a buffalo chicken pizza, but decided to stray from the norm and try the Red Skin Potato Pie (sans bacon). YUM. Saturday night in DC, the four of us went here, and again I couldn't resist a pizza... this time the Roasted Mushroom. Again, YUM. The other half of those four meals were fantastic leftovers of both.

... miles for the week. Hopefully some of that amazing pizza was offset by all the running I did this week -- my longest since sometime last fall. I didn't actually get in a long run this weekend, but had several great medium-length runs after work and a few two-a-days during the week that racked up the mileage. It feels good to be back up in the 40's again, and although I'd like to keep climbing, I think I'll probably plateau here for a bit, especially as temperatures get warmer. 

... yellow dresses found. I believe I mentioned that I have been told to wear yellow to the wedding Dan and I are attending this weekend. I may or may not have also mentioned how annoyed I am at being required to wear a certain color despite not being in the wedding party. Ahem. (For the record, I am thrilled to NOT be in this wedding... just not thrilled to be told what to wear) Anyway... apparently this is not the time of year to buy a yellow dress, because I have been searching and searching and came up with absolutely no options in my size that fit my (fairly generous, for a wedding I'm not even IN) budget. So I ordered a blue dress. Oh well.

... catnaps in the sun. I sat at the pool for a few hours yesterday: just enough time to take two nice naps and develop a very odd tan line on one shoulder. Did I mention that the blue dress I bought will show that off nicely? Perfect.

... wedding dresses tried on. My mom and I headed up to DC on Saturday to meet my best friend M and start the process of wedding dress shopping. I had two appointments and tried on everything from ball gowns to mermaid cuts, satin to silk, diamond white to pale pink.

... price of the most expensive gown I tried on. This is way outside of the budget, but the weekend's goal was to try as many styles as possible so that I could get a good sense of what I liked and what I didn't. Luckily for all involved, I didn't fall in love with this one.

... wedding dress that I did fall in love with. I actually really liked about 3 of the gowns I tried on, but when I stepped into the last one... I knew. We haven't made a purchase yet, because I have a few more places to look before I make a final decision, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be going back to this dress in the end. I get the shivers every time I look at the picture, which must be a good sign.

All in all, I'd call that a successful weekend... especially because despite those little naps yesterday, I can't stop yawning. Luckily, this is a short week in my new job before we head off for the wedding on Friday.
How did your weekend add up?



April 26, 2012

Thursday Things

 -- This kind of made my day yesterday...
(from this weekend's race)
 I came in 38th out of over 600 runners and was the 7th female overall to finish -- less than 2 minutes off the leading female's time. I always race for times, not to compete against others, but a PR and a division award certainly motivates me to keep training hard.
 -- Last night, as happens periodically, I came home from a run to find that the military had thrown up all over my living room. Dan was headed to drill this morning and has some kind of gear check while he is there, so I spent the evening calling out strange army abbreviations as he scrambled to find and pack everything he had been issued for the deployment. Luckily, the cat chose to watch most of this adventure from the safety of my lap, otherwise I don't doubt that he would have been thrown in a duffel bag and presented to a supply sergeant today.
1 CAT. orange. med-reg sz, fluffy. NOT suited for wet weather.
The whole effort was greatly complicated by the fact that half of the stuff he has to verify is still in his footlocker, which didn't make it back to the states until a few weeks ago and has been sitting at the armory ever since. I for one am really thrilled about all the civilian clothes that were also in that footlocker, which will be arriving in my laundry tomorrow evening in all their musty, sandy glory.
 -- For the past week, I've had a very strong urge to go for a long drive. Actually, if we're being honest, I've had a very strong urge to sit in the passenger seat while my husband goes for a long drive. I would blame it on the gorgeous spring weather, but it's been raining for almost a week here... I guess I'm just a little sick of the crowded city and the interstate on which I commute twice a day.
 -- It is quite difficult to work with someone who already knows everything about everything. By the third day of training, my replacement was already informing me of the ways she planned to do my job differently, and she has spent this week attempting to order me around and giving me instructions on what I should be doing for her. Needless to say, the end of my rope is rapidly approaching... and it's a long way to the ground once she falls off. I'm trying hard to be patient since I am down to mere hours putting up with her, but there's a tiny part of me that hopes her overconfidence causes something to blow up in her face once I'm gone -- a little reality check might go a long way for this one.
 -- Since Dan is at drill today and tomorrow, I'm playing single lady for the night. Plans include a long run (unfortunately either in the rain or on the treadmill), takeout, and watching movies in bed. That's right, this is a veritable hotbed of excitement. Try not to get too jealous.
 -- As much as she drives me crazy sometimes, who could stay mad at this face?
Happy Thursday, everyone!



April 25, 2012

Hump Day Humor

Because sometimes the only thing to do with a Wednesday is laugh at it.

[definitely this morning's story]
[Apparently today was Administrative Professionals Day...]
[...as well as National Penguin Day -- now there's a holiday I can support.]
[via the gem hey runner girl -- especially appropriate because one of mine 
seems to be on its way out... yuck.]
[and the brilliance of "text from dog"]

And finally...
[kind of how I feel after today]

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



April 23, 2012

Weekend Happenings + Race Recap: Run for Autism 5K

This weekend struck the perfect balance between work and play, accomplishment and laziness, friend-time and me-time, excitement and calm. If only it could have stuck around a bit longer, I would have been thrilled.
Friday night, the hubs and I headed out to pick up my race packet for Saturday's race, run a few quick errands, and grab what has apparently become a tradition: pre-race milkshakes. Not exactly carbo-loading, but you won't hear me complaining. Back at home, I got through several loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen, spent entirely too much time fighting with various pieces of technology in a failed effort to make a racing playlist, and eventually passed out on the couch just minutes before Dan's brother and his girlfriend came over. I rallied for a few minutes but then shuffled off to bed like any good Saturday-morning-racer-on-a-Friday-night.
Luckily Saturday's race didn't start until 8:00, so I was able to sleep until almost 6:30 before dragging myself out of bed, throwing on compression shorts, and fumbling my way to the car. It was chillier than I expected, but a quick warm-up lap helped a bit, even though the gun didn't actually go off until closer to 8:15. Otherwise, this race (in its 13th year) was very well organized, especially for a relatively small hometown 5k -- they had tons of volunteers, a great kid's run before the actual race, and a very efficient system at the finish line, even without chip timing. The beginning of the race was brutal -- almost a full lap around a very crowded track, weaving and getting hit and trying desperately to get past a pack of high school boys who were clearly not there to compete. In retrospect, I should have been a lot more concerned than I was about starting as close to the front as possible: I have a feeling it was this mistake (and the ensuing track chaos) that cost me the goal time I was chasing. But the rest of the race felt good, despite a ton of hills and the fact that for the last mile or so, I was racing less for the finish line and more for a bathroom. Whatever it takes, right? I haven't seen an official time yet, but the clock was somewhere in the 22's when I sprinted past, which still means a PR even if it wasn't quite the 21:something I was hoping.
After a quick shower and some foam rolling, Dan and I were back in the car and headed to our friends T and N's house to help with some birthday festivities for a certain special one-year-old:
clearly thrilled about the birthday hat, which lasted for all of 15 seconds
We had such a great time helping them cook/set up/decorate for the party, meeting their families, and celebrating the sweetest little girl you can imagine. The party turned out wonderfully despite some last minute changes thanks to the weather forecast, and the birthday girl seemed to enjoy her cake and got some seriously adorable gifts. After the party and all the clean-up, we got to relax and enjoy some leftovers and a glass of wine with our friends before heading back home. Although I wish like crazy that somehow we could all live in the same town, for now we are so lucky that these wonderful friends are just an hour away.
Yesterday was grey and rainy, which thwarted my plans for a long run and some time by the pool, but turned out ok after all. It was wonderful to be able to sleep late for the first time in weeks, and my legs were feeling pretty worn out so I hit the treadmill for a few miles and then called it a day. I spent the rest of the afternoon baking, cleaning, eating, cuddling with the cat, and being lazy with my hubby... ie the perfect way to end a lovely weekend.
Thankfully, today marks my last Monday in my old job -- next week I will head upstairs to a new (temporary) cubicle, a new (wonderful) boss, and my new (exciting) responsibilities. Especially after the past week of training a less-than-friendly new employee to do my job, I am so very ready to get out of here. This week is going to be long and stressful, but that light at the end of the tunnel gets a little brighter each day.
Happy Monday, all!



April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: In Color

There's nothing quite like a beautiful, sunkissed spring Friday to convince you to quit your job and pursue a lifetime of poolside sitting, iced coffee (or ice tea) drinking, and napping in the sun. Unfortunately, I hear that kind of thing doesn't exactly pay well, so it probably wouldn't be a good match for the other thing such a gorgeous day makes me want to do: clear out my closets and buy a bunch of new things for my spring wardrobe. It's a tough trade-off, but after a lot of thought, I've decided to keep the job for now so that I can pay for the clothes rent. Pretty responsible of me, don't you think?
That doesn't mean, though, that there won't be a lot of window-shopping and wish-list-creating going on over here this spring. I have overflowing shopping carts on at least four of my favorite websites. Filled with what? you ask? (You didn't ask? Humph. Didn't anyone ever teach you just to play along?) I'll give you a hint: at least three quarters of the clothes in my closet are some shade of black, and (for once in my life) it's time for a change.

[I've never really been a pink girl, but I can certainly appreciate a little coral in my life. I love all of these, but my finger is especially itching to click "purchase" on the top left dress....]

[I love the color blue but rarely wear it. I think my closet would be a nice home for any of these, though -- especially the $2,800 Tiffany necklace.]

[Ok, so grey isn't exactly colorful, but I wear it often and find it really flattering. Both of these dresses are so adorable, I'm trying hard to think of events to justify their purchase.]

[I rarely wear yellow, either, but I do actually own this scarf (and love it). We have a wedding coming up for which I've been asked to wear yellow, despite the fact that I'm not even in the wedding... humph. But I'm trying hard to stifle my annoyance and instead pondering the purchase of this dress. And finally, it certainly wouldn't be a wish list without Kate Spade shoes!]

[Another color I don't wear too much (seriously, my closet is largely black and white) but really love when I do. I think that amazing bag might be my top priority, but I'm also daydreaming about all the outfits I own that would be so much cuter with that necklace. Also: I'm not typically a fan of green nail polish, but this shade is tempting even for me.]

I think it may be time to hide my wallet... 
On another note, this is the first time I've ever used Polyvore, and I finally understand all the excitement for which I'm at least six months too late. Exactly what I need, another website to suck up the hours in my day.



April 18, 2012

Small Things

"We wake up every day, look around and make note of what we have. We smile and say thank you in every way imaginable. When things aren't so great, we do what we can to make them better. And we make it a very important priority not to let life get stale."

[In the midst of a chaotic day, in the midst of a chaotic week, I ran across these words from the incredible Kelle Hampton. As is typical, she seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear at just the right time.]


April 17, 2012

The Luckiest

365 days ago, I woke up on my then-fiance's side of the bed. I slipped out quietly, trying hard not to wake my best friend M, who was still sound asleep, and laced up my running shoes. I made it through exactly 3.58 miles that morning before my nervous stomach and impatience got the better of me.
M and I drove through a huge downpour to meet my mom for breakfast, and then headed off for manicures and pedicures. We stopped downtown so I could check into a hotel room and stock the fridge with champagne, and made it back to my apartment ahead of schedule, leaving me an extra hour to occupy my anxious energy. I did the only thing I could think of... I cleaned the bathroom.
Hours later, as we drove through yet another thunderstorm in a desperate attempt to arrive on time, I muttered four words that made everyone else in the car roll their eyes: "I have to pee." Despite my mom's best efforts to convince me that I could wait, I was insistent. "Just stop at McDonalds," I pleaded, "there's one right there on the corner and I swear I will be fast." It was my stepmom who took issue with that solution -- "You are NOT going into a McDonalds bathroom in that dress," she warned. Instead, we swung into the parking lot of one of our favorite local restaurants and M held an umbrella while we darted inside. The high schooler at the hostess stand looked at us like we might have lost our minds, but luckily didn't try to stop us. As I stepped out to wash my hands, I looked in the mirror and burst into tears. M gave me a big hug, told me she loved me, fixed my eyeliner, and pulled me back out into the rain.
When we finally drove in, I caught a glimpse of my dad that is to this day the first image I see whenever I think of him. There he stood, in the middle of the parking lot, under a huge umbrella as the rain fell and puddled around his dress shoes. Normally a rather stoic and serious guy, the grin on his face that day was like nothing I had seen before. After one last dash through the storm, I switched my rainbow sandals for white heels, took a deep breath, and Dad and I headed inside.
The rest of the day was a blur of family, hugs, photo ops, and cupcakes. It was simple but perfect, small but sweet, brief but everything I had hoped. As excited as I am to wear a real wedding dress, dance with my husband, and celebrate with all of our friends in just a few months, the memory of our original little ceremony will always hold a very special place in my heart. One year ago today, I officially became the wife of a sweet, wonderful guy who loves me and puts up with everything I throw at him, and I honestly couldn't ask for a better reason to celebrate.
The past 365 days have not been easy. We have spent 210 of those days apart. Between the two of us, we have traveled over 7,500 miles away from each other... but luckily, we have also traveled over 7,500 miles to be together again. In the past year, we adopted a crazy puppy, rearranged our living room, explored several new cities, made lifelong friends, and got in a few arguments, but always figured out how to make each other smile again. Together, we supported each other through a deployment, the serious injury of a brother, and the loss of a parent. We adjusted to living on different continents, and then adjusted again to living under the same roof (both came with their own challenges). It has not been an easy first year, but today, having reached the end, I can truly say that I know him and love him even better than I did the day we got married. I could not be any luckier.



April 13, 2012

Friday Favorites: Short and Sweet

Today, my to do list looks a little something like this:
Work on the left, personal (covertly labeled "other" for the benefit of nosy coworkers) on the right. This is only the 9-5 list, since I have all kinds of other things that have to be done after work: 5 mile run, serious apartment clean, multiple loads of laundry... all fun things, clearly. At least several of those can be done with a glass of wine in one hand. For now, though, the game is called How Many Things Can We Accomplish Before Meg Runs Out of Steam and A. Collapses or B. Bites Someone's Head Off. Fingers crossed for the former.
Sadly, all of these tasks that are oh-so-patiently waiting leave me little time to come up with too many favorite things today. I do, however, have one very brief but absolutely worthwhile thing to share: 33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed in You. Trust me, this is a gem -- fantastic pictures and extremely funny captions. My favorites have to be the rabbits, so here's a sneak peek:
"1. This rabbit feels like you always leave her out of your plans and she is 
beginning to wonder whether it mightn't be deliberate."

And because Toby is just so darn cute, here's my own addition to the list:
This cat is dismayed that you have so many things left to do... 
and yet here you sit.

So on that note, I'm off to get started. Happy weekend, everyone!



April 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

 -- This morning before I got to work, I: ran a quick 5k, packed a lunch for the hubs, fed both furballs, stood outside in the cold while a certain furball (ahem) took forever to do her thing, cleaned our guest bathroom, scooped the litter box, cleaned our bathtub (no grapefruit this time, sadly), got myself ready for work, picked up our closet, packed my own lunch, washed dishes, and took out the trash. It is now 9:00, and I am exhausted.
 -- Yesterday after work, I headed to my favorite running spot and cranked out 8 and a quarter particularly happy miles. It was cool but not too cold, my legs felt good, and it was one of those runs where I was just thrilled to be out there moving. My splits were not very consistent, but I was pretty pleased with them.
(mile 3 = all uphill)
 -- After I finished, I headed over to my happy place:
This particular DD still offers pumpkin iced coffee. In April. While this thrills me, I am very concerned that fall will be slightly less exciting when I've been drinking these all year. Whenever I go, I tell myself that I'll just order a regular iced coffee, but somehow the word "pumpkin" slips in there every time. A little self-control would easily fix this problem, but clearly I don't have any of that.
 -- Do the political ads on Pandora really bother anyone else? I take time every day to read trusted sources of political news and stay informed, but I generally consider campaign commercials to be truth distortion at best. I don't care which candidate, party, or lobbying interest has paid for them, I just hate them... and I really hate that now I have to suffer through them several times a day while I listen to music.
 -- While I'm ranting... coworkers whose perfume/hair products/bad breath/general odor I can smell from my own desk? Ick.
 -- I have a package of chicken thawing in the fridge for dinner tonight, meaning we have some big decisions to make in the next 10 hours...
Barbeque chicken quesadillas or chicken tenders? Pesto chicken pasta or buffalo chicken pasta? So many possibilities! 
 -- On a related note, what on earth would I ever cook if it weren't for this amazing blog?
 -- And finally, an important reminder:
Happy Thursday!



April 11, 2012

Race Recap: The [Hometown] 8K That Almost Wasn't

For a week leading up to this race, I fought with myself over whether I really wanted to run it. There were a couple attractive details: a hometown race, run largely on roads where I train weekly, a short course, an historically small-ish field of runners, and a race organizer whose events I've run before and found to be very organized and well-staged. Despite all this, though, the doubts were going strong all week: is the course too hilly? Will the lack of music (headphones weren't allowed) make me miserable? Am I capable of finishing with a pace that won't embarrass me? Did I really train hard enough this winter? Can my shins handle it? Have the six months (ouch) since my last race left me incapable of ever doing it again? What if I get to the halfway point and just can't keep going? Am I mentally prepared for a race? The various voices in my head were rather loud as I rolled the decision around in my brain for 6 days. I knew deep down that I was fully capable of 5 miles at a decent pace, and I ran the distance a few times early in the week in an attempt to convince myself of that -- once with satisfying results, but once with a time that didn't exactly inspire confidence. I also knew that the guilt that would plague me if I decided not to run was likely be much worse than any potential disappointment in my finishing time. I think ultimately this was the biggest motivating factor: after contemplating it for so long, I knew waking up Saturday for anything less than that race would have left me feeling like such a failure.
Still, it took me until Thursday night to make a final decision, and I arrived at work Friday morning comfortable in my choice and ready to register and at least get it over with. I clicked onto the website for the race, which I had been stalking all week, only to be greeted with two awful words... "registration closed." If I could have kicked myself without pulling a muscle, I would have. I was so mad at myself -- if I hadn't been so hesitant, if I hadn't been so unsure of myself, if I hadn't been such a wimp. After a week of indecision, in a split second I wanted to run that race like I've never wanted to run in my life.
I spent another 30 minutes on the website, clicking every link in a sincere effort to sneak into the registration form a back way, to get into the race no matter how illicit my tactics. Finally I remembered an email I had received a week before, the one that had kicked off this week of stressful flip-flopping in the first place. I dug through gmail and unearthed it from the archives, reading it twice through before I noticed the tiny print in the expo section: "onsite registration will be available." Bingo.
Immediately after work, I dragged poor hubby down to the expo, pulled him past booth after booth of cool stuff, and finally made it to a woman who would accept my ridiculously high registration fee in return for:
 I was so excited to clutch this baby in my hand that for a minute I totally forgot to be nervous. Unfortunately, that adrenaline only lasted until hubby asked what I wanted for dinner, at which point I realized that my stomach was in knots and oh-my-goodness-did-I-really-just-pay-money-to-wake-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-and-try-to-run-fast? Have I lost my mind??
My carb-loading that night may or may not have included a milkshake (isn't protein important too?) and I was in bed by 10, thankfully too exhausted from the stress of the day to lie awake and worry. I slept surprisingly well and woke up in plenty of time the next morning to get ready... and to get very nervous. Despite 70-80 degree days all week, it was still in the mid-30's when we left the house, so I opted to wear long sleeves for the first time in a race (a decision which I regretted less than a mile in, when my hands were numb from cold but my arms were already overheating). I grabbed my trusty Garmin (no headphones = no phone = no Nike+) and crossed my fingers that it would hang in there with me for 4.96.
My mom met us at the start and I had just enough time for a quick warmup, bathroom stop, and a super attractive picture:
Yikes. Good thing I'm holding tight to that handsome guy next to me, otherwise he'd probably have been running as well... in the other direction.
I kept warm and shook off the nervous energy bouncing up and down for a bit before the gun went off, and luckily found myself pretty far forward in the pack so I didn't have to waste too much time weaving in the first mile. We got a nice preview of how awfully hilly the course really was within the first .25 as we booked it up a steep incline to the first major road, which boasted some pretty serious rolling hills itself. My first mile clocked in at a 7:40 pace, which I was happy with but honestly a bit skeptical I could keep up for 4 more miles. Mile 2 was mostly uphill but not too steep, and ended with a glorious, beautiful, well-earned downhill stretch, which certainly contributed to the 7:15 pace that flashed at the end and kept me smiling. Mile 3 into the turnaround was again mostly uphill, a struggle but possible because I knew I just had to make it a little further and then I'd get to come back down the road I was climbing. What I didn't count on was that after that, I'd get back to the aforementioned "glorious, beautiful, well-earned downhill stretch," that had now become a "terrible, interminable, practically-impossible uphill stretch." It took every ounce of strength I had to get up that hill without just dropping and rolling back down to the bottom. At this point, I stopped paying attention to my splits and just willed myself to keep running, so I was pretty shocked that I hung onto a 7:20 through 3 and 4. Thankfully, the end of the course made up for the preceding brutality with a flat stretch and a downhill .5 into the finish. In another exciting race first, my final mile (which according to Garmin was actually a full mile, I'm not sure where that extra .04 snuck in there) came in sub-7:00, a fact of which I am especially proud considering that by this point the field had completely spread out and I had no one in sight ahead or behind to push me at the end.
I crossed the mat with an official time of 36:05 (an automatic PR for my first 8k race), which was good enough for this:

21st overall, 5th female, and 2nd in my division! Not bad for my first race in six months, and hopefully a nice bit of foreshadowing for this summer/fall. It really surprised me a bit to find out that the speed I had last October is still sticking around, despite the fact that I haven't felt especially fast so far this spring. Now, I'm inspired to get out to the track for some speedwork, get a few more interval runs on the calendar, and really focus on my pace, because even though this run felt good, I know that I have quite a bit of room for improvement. With several shorter races coming up in the next few months, I'm excited to spend some time working on my speed before building mileage for at least one half in the fall.
This weekend's race was just part of an annual marathon/half/8k series, with a longer course that is similarly hilly but also famously scenic and relatively fast. Perhaps next year I'll be out for 13.1, or even (dare I say it?) 26.2? Either way, one thing is for sure: I'll be deciding -- and registering -- early.


April 9, 2012

South End of a Bunny Going North (among other things)

It seems that over the past several, life sort of got in the way of my blogging (I hate it when that happens). There were too many things to be done, and just not enough minutes in the day to do them and write about them, too. This week will likely bring more of the same, as I work through my last real week at my old job (before I start two weeks of hell training my replacement next Monday), get ready to head out of town yet again this weekend, and fight the never-ending battle against our apartment and its messy tendencies. Hopefully I will find a bit more time to write about all of that excitement (I know, I know -- hang on to your seats).
Until then, here's a little peek at what we've been up to lately:

I'm finally getting to run outside in the mornings again -- the sunrise right now gives me just enough time to get in a quick 4-5 miles before I have to head home and get ready for work. It has been pretty chilly a few mornings, but this view beats the treadmill any day.

We've enjoyed lots of time at the dog park lately, getting to know our neighbors as Tess chases their poor pups at top speed. I laugh because when we first moved in about a year and a half ago, I thought going to the gym was the perfect way to meet people from the neighborhood. A year and a half later, I've not yet made a single friend at the gym, but we meet new people practically every week at the dog park.
Important to note: Tess only gets to sit on the benches like a human (which she loves) when she is the only canine present. Spoiled much?
Saturday morning I bit the bullet and ran my first race since last October. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and glad I (finally) made the decision to run it. There will be a more detailed race recap coming soon. A huge thanks to my awesome mother (a race pro at this point), wonderful father-in-law, and this handsome guy:
who came to watch me run. It was so amazing to see their faces when I got past that finish line!
Saturday evening I did a little baking...
and Sunday morning woke up to assemble this guy:
(A little hard to see, but there are two back paws, a tail, and two ears -- retrospectively realized to be backwards. Those things in the top right corner are supposed to be carrots.)
Hopefully the title of this post makes sense now. The recipe was actually pretty easy and turned out very cute. He tasted delicious, too -- I used boxed devil's food cake but made my own icing, which I think helped. If I ever do this again, I think I'd try a spice cake to go with all that coconut.
And just in case you needed reassurance that all is right in Toby's world:
... never fear, this guy doesn't miss many naps.

On top of all that, there were several hours spent on taxes (no pictures there... it wasn't a terribly exciting process), lots of miles run, some quality Easter time with family, and one very long-anticipated Saturday afternoon nap for me, as well.
Now, I'm off to create my weekly to-do list -- you know, the one I've been writing in my head all weekend but waited until now to put onto paper. I'm thinking the first item on the list will be "write weekly to-do list," in an effort to ensure that at least one thing gets checked off between now and Friday...
Happy Monday, everyone!



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