September 2, 2011

Deployment in Review: Month 3

Good grief, how on earth is it already September? If it weren't for a few blissfully cool morning runs lately, I would truly think that we were still stuck somewhere in July. Thankfully, the first few hints of fall are beginning to appear... football season is here, I've been sleeping with the windows open, and (most importantly) Dunkin' Donuts has started serving pumpkin iced coffees again. In a truly shocking display of will-power and a last ditch effort to ensure that I cross the finish line alive, I have decided to wait until after this weekend's race to enjoy my first of the season. 36 hours and counting!
The month of August was, honestly, not all that exciting. I did a lot of running, a lot of working, and lot of . I had a few good days, and a few bad days. I weathered an earthquake (or three) and a hurricane without too much drama. And I was a terribly delinquent blogger. Looking back, I know that my weeks felt busy, but I'm honestly not sure where all of the time went. I'm just so glad that another month is behind us, and we're that much closer to Dan coming home. It's really hard to believe that it's been over a month since I saw him last, and the furball and I are more than ready to welcome him back... already. Has anyone seen the fast forward button on this thing?
Thankfully, September should be a little more exciting, a bit more blog-worthy, and significantly less hot. Hurray! Honestly, I don't think you can really go wrong in a month that kicks off with a three day weekend. Do you all have awesome plans for the holiday weekend? Mine involve carbo-loading, taking advantage of the race expo, getting through 13 miles as fast as possible, and spending the rest of the weekend relaxing with a pumpkin iced coffee in hand. Happy September, everyone!



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