September 27, 2011

Autumnal Anticipation

I've spent every spare minute in the past two weeks (you know, because I have so many of those) contemplating how I might re-decorate my entire apartment in pumpkin orange without making it look like a disastrous pumpkin patch explosion. If only because then I think we'd probably lose the cat.
perfectly camouflaged for fall
I get more excited about the arrival of fall than I do about Christmas, ice cream, and new shoes... combined. I spend about 10.5 months out of the year longing for fall, and the other 1.5 freaking out because my favorite season is going too fast and there are just too many pumpkins and too little time. Everything about fall makes me happy... the weather, the food, the leaves, the smells, the holidays, the clothes, and anything and everything pumpkin. With a side of pumpkin. And maybe a little added pumpkin. Is that pumpkin sauce for the top? I'm sorry. I don't know the meaning of that word, "overkill."
I am happier in the fall, full of nostalgia, constantly sneaking outside to feel the cool breeze and crunch a few leaves underfoot. I try desperately to cram in all of my favorite autumn activities: pumpkin carving, tons (literally) of baking, sweater shopping, drinking as many pumpkin drinks as I possibly can, lots and lots of college football, preparing for halloween, and watching lots of classic scary movies. This year, I'm also looking forward to spending lots of time cuddling with a certain aptly colored furball and going for lots of wonderful runs to enjoy the weather and the gorgeous scenery.
So if you'll excuse me, I'll be frantically circling the pumpkin patch, trying desperately to find the perfect specimen to grace our front door. Hard as it is to believe, this is not one of my most endearing quirks, according to my sweet husband... but don't let him fool you: fall is his favorite season too. Not that that was a prerequisite or anything...



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