March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's that time again! My picks this week are a little all over the place (meet my brain), but they're all things I'm loving lately...

This song has been on repeat for the past week:

I'm grateful once again to Pandora for knowing my musical tastes better than I do.


As I get more and more frustrated with our little house, which is falling apart and poorly designed and thank goodness it's not actually ours, I spend more and more time daydreaming about our future home. We are hoping to buy or build in the next year or two (but please don't tell our bank account, I'd rather not scare it away just yet), and I've already started decorating and painting and buying furniture in my mind. One of the first purchases will most definitely be a comfy new couch to replace our current one, which is slowly sinking into the floor. I've got my eye on something like this...
[via, via]

You can't go wrong with Pottery Barn (again, please don't mention any of this to the bank account). I love the idea of a neutral couch so that we can swap out accent colors with pillows, curtains, etc. Of course a couch would certainly need a chair to go with it...
... and I can't get enough of this one. I love tufted armchairs and can see myself curling up in this with blanket and a cup of tea. We'd also need some art on the wall...
[via, via]
... and a lamp...

I've been searching for a blue and white porcelain lamp like this forever. One of these days I'll find an extra few hundred dollars and make this baby mine...


By some dangerous turn of luck (for my wallet, at least), Kate Spade has recently acquired my email address. I made the fatal mistake of clicking through an email the other day, and fell in love with these beauties:
The only reason I haven't hit that fateful "purchase" button is that I can't decide which one I like better, the mint or the striped. For once, that terrible indecision is paying off!
[There is also a bag that is tempting me but I will most certainly not be sharing it (or buying it), because while I think it's the perfect size, Kate seems to think it's actually perfect for someone with a baby... and a legitimate reason for carrying around 300 pounds of stuff on a daily basis.]


I just finished my March book (look at me go!), and this one has found a permanent place on my shelf of favorites (which is a real shelf -- one of these days I'll share the other books that live there). 
I'm not sure that any recommendation can truly do it justice, it is so beautifully and honestly written, difficult to read but rewarding and inspiring. More than anything in the past year and a half, it stirred up vivid memories of my father's last days, gently unearthing moments that I thought I'd rather forget but now am so glad that I didn't. 


And last but surely not least, a clip that absolutely made my day today. Grab a kleenex or two and meet Tim and his dad...

Happy weekend!


2 had something to say:

Jenn said...

Ooh I love your furniture and accents picks. I would totally love all of those too! That lamp, especially, is fantastic!

I heard that same StoryCorps story this morning too! It was amazing!

And, I think I'd go for the mint ring :) Have an awesome weekend!!

Meg said...

Thanks Jenn! Isn't that lamp beautiful? Also, I definitely caved in to Kate Spade this weekend and I did get the mint!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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