January 26, 2011

In Which a $16 Car Inspection Costs Me $511

Yep, the title says it all. I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to take my car in for an inspection. I happened to look down at the sticker on my windshield yesterday on the way to work and realized that I had been supposed to get one in December and completely forgotten. Each year, this little act of good citizenry seems to escape me -- I was late last year too and feel so guilty about it! This would be the point where Dan informs you that I am, in fact, blonde in real life, and I hide my head, ashamed that I look like such a delinquent. I was truly worried about whether the guys at the repair shop were going to yell at me for being so late (luckily they didn't).
I wanted to get it in right when they opened at 7 so that I could hopefully finish in time to grab coffee (my car place is on the same side of town as Dunkin' Donuts, which is a slight obsession of mine) and get to work by 8:30. My airbag light had other ideas. I should have realized that would have been too good to be true. Don't get me wrong, I'm really thankful that they found the problem and were able to fix it (in one day, no less), but I'm less than thrilled about the huge invoice that came with it. This is the third time since I graduated that my car has required some rather expensive tlc, and as much as I love my little jeep, this cycle is getting a little old. Plus, I'm still a little bitter that I didn't get my coffee this morning.... 



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