January 24, 2011

The Sounds of Silence

This weekend has been one of the quietest I've had in months. I'd feel lazy and guilty for barely leaving the house, but I've gotten so much done that I'm actually kind of proud of myself. After two weeks of trying to avoid caring about the mess creeping through our apartment, I spend yesterday cleaning... and cleaning.... and cleaning. I did laundry and dishes and vacuumed and organized and put things away and threw things away and took christmas decorations down and cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed our shower until it sparkled and made the bed and moved some boxes and are you bored yet? Because let me tell you, it was pretty boring. I also found time for a nap somewhere in there -- Dan left crazy early for drill and I never managed to go back to sleep after that, so I was seriously exhausted. 
This morning I went to the gym (for the first time in a week.... yep, that was fun), grocery shopped, and my mom came over for lunch and to talk about wedding plans. I'm pretty excited and will write a post soon all about our somewhat unconventional plan for getting married (ah, the life of the military). 
Tonight, I whipped up a few yummy things in the kitchen for this week: chicken salad for lunches, the best salad dressing ever, a new recipe for granola bars (which I may share once I play around with it a little.... today's results were not quite perfect):
sticky goodness!
and a batch of the classic pretzel + hershey's kiss + M&M cookies:
I love the holiday M&Ms!
So simple but so good! These are the perfect solution to my frequent chocolate cravings. I'm also pretty excited that my mom brought me some of her fantastic banana muffins -- I had one for dinner (hey, no one was here to judge me) and they are wonderful. It's nice to start the week with lots of clean laundry and a full refrigerator!
I've missed Dan a lot this weekend but was able to keep busy enough that I didn't have time to indulge my loneliness. Toby was also pretty good company:
His new favorite spot atop the trash can -- how classy
Still, the house has been deafeningly quiet and I'm really looking forward to Dan being home next weekend!


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