January 8, 2011

These Are a Few of My.... Friday Favorites

Since it's Friday, and since my last post was extremely long, and since my brain is fried from this incredibly long week, and since both 'Friday' and 'favorite' begin with the letter 'F' (how convenient is that?!), I thought I'd take it easy today and share a few of my newest favorite things. I am fully aware that this is in no way unique and I'm sure there are a ton of other bloggers doing this any given Friday, so I take no credit for the idea, just for coming up with the lovely alliteration in my sleepy little brain. Really, this just gives me the excuse to do something I've wanted to do for a while: talk about a bunch of things that make me happy recently. Here's to a new Friday tradition!

This little guy is my new best friend and definitely the best Christmas present that I received I gave to Dan (oops!) this year. A few days ago he made amazing chocolate milkshakes for dessert, and yesterday morning I made a coffee/smoothie that rivaled Starbucks itself (except that Dan's new coffeemaker makes coffee that tastes like plastic... yick). I am so excited to experiment with more combinations -- I think pumpkin is next on my list!
I know I'm sort of cheating since I've already posted these here once, but they are just so great that I have to share them again. Typically I'm a ballet flat kind of girl, and this pair was my first foray into the world of boots, but I love them so much! They are extremely comfortable and it seems like they go with basically any outfit I own. What a perfect addition to my closet!

 My dad and stepmother came over for dinner last night -- our first time entertaining! -- and I made the easiest stuffed mushroom appetizer ever. Ok, ok, so mine didn't look quite like those up there, but I completely forgot to take a picture before we devoured them. They were SO yummy and so incredibly simple to make -- even I didn't mess them up!
Over the past several years I have tried so many brands/varieties of mascara and was really beginning to get discouraged -- they all either clumped, dried out, or left me looking like a manic raccoon. This one, however, finally seems to work: it looks good and goes on perfectly with little to no skill required.

Rounding out this week's picks is my newest favorite song -- a gorgeous (and very sad) piece that I've been listening to on repeat recently which has yet to get old. Sara Bareilles is such a talented pianist as well as vocalist (and she's gorgeous, too -- some people get all the luck).
Happy weekend everyone!


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