May 23, 2011

Movin' On Up

Happy Monday, everyone... if such things exist? I am certainly dragging a little bit today, especially after a tough run this morning -- my legs feel like they've been switched out for two concrete slabs. Luckily I only have to make it through three days at work this week. Thursday I head off to a two-day yellow ribbon ceremony for Dan's impending departure, and then he (and I) have off Saturday through next Tuesday. Wednesday we have another departure ceremony, and then he is off for mobilization in Indiana for the next two months. I can certainly think of more fun ways to spend our vacation time than preparing to say goodbye, but I'm still pretty excited to spend a few more days together.
This weekend was busy busy busy. I was feeling crazy motivated on Friday after work, so I headed out to get my weekly long run out of the way. Thankfully, it turned out to be one of the first afternoons all year (roughly) that didn't include a massive thunderstorm, so I was able to stay (at least partially) dry for 8 miles. Ha, who am I kidding? I was still soaked when I finished, plus I had a lovely little war wound chafing incident under my right arm. I had no idea those things could hurt so badly. I was in absolute agony when I finally finished, and let's just say the scene in the shower was not pretty. I'm pretty sure I'll be investing in a stick of this:
... sooner rather than later.
I was also thrilled to find a package waiting outside my front door on Friday evening filled with over $100 of clothes from one of my favorite stores... for which I did not pay a single cent. Hurray for gift cards and sales! I got a dress, an adorable skirt, and five great new shirts that I can wear both for work or on the weekends. I'm so glad that the weather is finally warm enough to wear skirts and dresses and sandals!
Saturday morning, I made the two-hour trek up to my best friend's town, where she and her boyfriend were moving from one apartment to a cute little townhouse about a mile down the street. Since my bestie M is the super-organized and always-prepared type, they actually finished moving (almost) everything from the old apartment to the new place before I even got there. That afternoon we put furniture together, unpacked boxes, got the kitchen squared away, placed rugs and tables, got the dishes washed and food squared away, and did several loads of laundry. That night we ate a fantastic dinner from their favorite Italian delivery place, which confirmed my fear that if I ever live in a place where someone can be paid to bring a large bowl of pasta right to my door, I will never leave my house or turn on my oven again.
I went for a quick run Sunday morning to explore their new neighborhood. It was so great to run in a new city, meet a few new puppies, and just enjoy a change of scenery. I helped M clean their old apartment and round up the rest of the stray belongings hiding in the backs of closets, and we made a quick Target run before I left. Incredibly, I did not make a single purchase at Target... a seriously impressive feat of self-control if you know me and my love for that store.
When I got back home last night, I was apparently still in cleaning mode... which was only aggravated by a certain feline who appears to have thrown a wild party while I was away. I scrubbed and tossed junk and organized for several hours last night before falling into bed completely exhausted. Since when do weekends end up being more work than the workweek? 
All in all, though, it was a wonderful (and wonderfully productive) weekend. I was so glad to help M and her guy get all settled in in their lovely new place... and I can't wait to go back and visit again soon! Hope that you all had great weekends as well, whether they were busy or relaxing!



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