May 24, 2011

When You Wish Upon a Blog

Ahhh yes, it's one of those Tuesdays. The weekend seems impossibly far away (even though I have Thursday and Friday "off" this week), my coworkers are dancing all over my very last shred of patience, and I'm pretty sure that my brain is starting to flood with all the rain. My evening is calling out to me with a big glass of wine, a warm blanket, a funny movie, and a pint of Phish Food fro-yo... I just have to get there first. Until then, here are a few items from my wish list that have been frequenting my daydreams of late:

The fact that none of the furniture in our apartment matches is starting to get to me. I don't dislike any of the pieces on their own, but hate the fact that our living room looks like a four-year-old threw together a bunch of magazine clippings. More than anything, I am so ready for a real bed with a headboard and matching bedding to replace our dinosaur box springs. That's right, there are dinosaurs on our box springs. Thankfully they are covered with a sham, but I still know they are under there. I am so in love with the bed, couch, and chair above (all from heaven-on-earth-aka-Pottery Barn) I could just crawl right into the pictures.

My closet is positively crying out for both of these lovely creations (from the amazing Kate Spade). One for fun, one for business. Flirty vs. professional. Both equally adorable. Why choose?

I have been lusting after one of these babies for quite a while now. I was working on convincing myself that it's a practical purchase and will save me money in the long run, but when I discovered this weekend that they brew iced coffee and iced tea, I knew I was a goner. Any bets on how long I can hold out? I'm guessing it will be only as long as it takes for Dunkin' Donuts to start selling K-cups, which should be later this year.

I have been struck by a serious craving for unhealthy food lately. I'm pretty sure that my body is rebelling against all the healthy stuff I've been force-feeding it lately, because I have been positively dying for a greasy, fattening, calorie-dense feast. Preferably one that includes some (or all) of the above dishes. If you need me, you can find me at the gym for the rest of the month: either in a desperate effort to avoid this kind of meal, or recovering once I eventually give in.

At the very top of my wish list though (as always) is this guy. I'd gladly forfeit the bed, the shoes, the coffee, and the calories if it meant my handsome husband could come home to stay. I am so excited to see him on Thursday and have him home for several days, even though I know it will be bittersweet. Luckily, he proves to me over and over again that he still knows just the right way to make me smile, even from miles and miles away.

What are you wishing for on this dreary Tuesday?



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