May 1, 2011

Silent Sundays: Wedding Pictures!

I still haven't made it through all of the pictures from our small wedding, but of everything I've collected so far, these are the best:
[Dan and the boys setting up our venue, my bestie M helps me get ready]
[the first kiss]
[husband and wife]
[my stepmom and I, cute cousin, my grandfather and mom and I, mom and I]
[all of our parents]
[the "wedding party" -- my bestie and Dan's brother, Dan's brother and his adorable girlfriend (on their way to prom after 
our ceremony), the four of us, me with my two new little brothers]
[my amazing best friend]
[champagne and cupcakes!]
[a few honeymoon shots: heading out with Dan's truck decorated, reading on the beach, Dan and his beloved truck, and the gorgeous 
sunrise we enjoyed on our last day]



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