October 31, 2011

Bubble Bubble

I have a cooking hangover. 

I spent yesterday (after a quick trip to the gym for some preemptive calorie burning) scouring four stores to pick up everything I needed...
(this represents only about a third of my purchases)
... and in the kitchen. I spent at least seven hours chopping and dipping and stirring and simmering and whipping and washing my one spatula about 17,000 times. 

Every surface was crowded with cookie sheets and mixing bowls, and my very loyal friend had to get a little creative.

He watched diligently from his vantage point for quite a while...

but eventually the need to nap got the better of him.

The fruits of this labor? 
20 pretty darn adorable cake balls,

at least 10 not-so-adorable cake ball fails,

one yummy pot of chili,

a batch of pumpkin cream cheese muffins that managed to avoid the camera...

and one very full sink.
My night included just one emergency trip to the closest grocery store, as I learned that while milk chocolate chips melt as wonderfully as you could wish...

white chocolate chips are a whole different animal. They get chunky and sticky, they seize if you look at them too hard, and they are champions at sucking cake balls right off of their sticks.

And adding orange food coloring to the mix? Forget about it. It stayed beautiful long enough for me to take a picture...

and then hardened into a lumpy mess.
But somehow everything pulled together, and except for the 2 cake balls that slid down their sticks like Times Square on New Year's Eve, I loaded 20 cake balls and a plate full of still-warm muffins in the car this morning to deliver. 
The car that, upon starting, began to emit an ear-splitting, banshee-like shriek in an apparent display of Halloween spirit that, if you ask me, went a bit too far. Looks like a lucky someone will be visiting the mechanic tomorrow morning!

I guess you can't win 'em all, huh?




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