October 14, 2011

Friday Favorites: Fall Things

Ahhh... nothing better than a Friday afternoon in the fall. Today seems even sweeter after several days of miserable rain and long hours at the office this week, and I am so ready for a few days off to enjoy this gorgeous weather and take full advantage of a few seasonal activities. Here is how my weekend is shaping up:

I'm getting started on the indulgences early and enjoying some of this at my desk this afternoon:

... a pumpkin spice latte and some Halloween candy (those monsters and goblins had better get moving or it will all be gone by the time they ring my doorbell). Yum!
This evening, I am looking forward to cuddling up on the couch with these:

... a cozy blanket or six, another cup of coffee, this excellent book which I am having a hard time putting down, and that cute little face, who will alternate between napping on my feet and vying for a spot on my head.
Tomorrow morning, you will find me:
before settling in for some serious college football:
(just a small sampling of the teams I'll be rooting for tomorrow)
Finally, if I can manage to track it down, I'm hoping the weekend will include a little bit of waiting for the Great Pumpkin:
... perhaps while carving the one that I adopted yesterday:
Pedro (L -- Dan's masterpiece) and Pete (R -- my creation) from last year

What do you have planned this fall weekend? Hope that it is full of cool breezes, fun traditions, and lots of pumpkin and spice!



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