December 29, 2011


New Year's Eve is typically a pretty quiet affair around these parts. When I was young, my family sometimes headed out to our local First Night for a few performances and some fireworks, but more often than not we stayed at  home. In the years since Dan and I started to date, we've never gone to big parties or dressed up for a last night out on the town for the year. Generally, we can be found sporting sweats on our couch, watching dear old Dick Clark with sleepy eyes and rousing ourselves for a quick peck at midnight before falling into bed. Not exactly ringing the new year in style... until this year.
Thanks to a welcome infusion of some young blood (ie Dan's youngest brother and his lovely girlfriend), our plans this year include dressing up (gasp) for a nice dinner and then coming back to the apartment for drinks and celebrations. One of Dan's best friends/former roommates will be joining us, and our brand new fondue pot (a Christmas present!) will make its debut. I am determined not to doze off before midnight and to take lots of pictures, because at the rate we are going, the next exciting recurrence of this holiday will be when we are 30-something.
While the rather loud sucking sound I hear each time I check my bank account has assured me that I will not be purchasing a new party dress for the occasion, that hasn't stopped me from looking. Here are some of my favorites:

Classically sparkly, but not over the top. If only my legs were that long and thin...

Simple but easily dressed up with a long necklace and cute heels.

Love this color and cut (although I could do without the bird's nest on the top of her head)

I am definitely a black and white girl: 90% of the dresses I own are one or both. I love the pattern and simple cut of the dress on the far left, and think the sequins and ruffles of the center left dress are really fun. I am absolutely in love with the white dress though -- the full bottom and sash are just adorable. Luckily for my wallet, it was a pinterest find with no way to trace the website... besides, there's no way I could wear it for more than an hour without staining it.

This is a fantastic color and I like that it's a bit longer. Not exactly New Year's Eve specific, but still incredibly pretty. I think I'd need to purchase a skinnier waist to go with it though...

I think this one has to be my favorite -- it's just the right amount of glitz for NYE, but still super classy with a great silhouette. So perfect with a pair of red heels, too.
Unfortunately, I will be shopping through my own closet for Saturday, which sadly houses not one of these great finds. Hopefully I can pull off something that looks dressy enough without freezing all night, although I make no bets on how long I will last before putting on a pair of yoga pants once we get back home to continue the party. Midnight champagne must taste the same in a cozy hoody as a party dress, right?
Now if only I could get our apartment to look like this for the night, we'd be in business:



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