December 20, 2011

Where Can I Hire an Elf?

I have a history of stressing about Christmas, but this year has certainly been the worst in recent memory. My bank account is screeching in horror and my sore feet are harmonizing, my shopping list has far too many items without an accompanying checkmark, and a dense fog seems to have settled into my brain for a long winter's nap. Thankfully, has singlehandedly saved the holiday for those nearest and dearest, and I am so very excited for the incredibly large volume of stuff that will, assuming this Christmas miracle stays on track, arrive at my doorstep on December 23. Which, if anyone is keeping score, leaves me exactly 24 hours to wrap and be-ribbon, curl and tag, decorate and perfect... or stuff into bags and throw on a bow. Not to mention the dozen or so parties and presents for which I need to bake, the fir tree that has yet to be decorated, the stocking stuffers which have been neither purchased nor even identified, and the nasty little detail that I have to be at work every day through Friday. Mix in a little family drama (it certainly wouldn't be a holiday without it) and you have one big Christmas cocktail of stress and exhaustion.
right on, Mr. Rockwell
But as much as the shopping, the traffic, the cold, and the enormous pressure makes me think the Grinch may have had the right idea in the first place, I know that it will be worth it to see the looks on Christmas when everyone opens their perfectly packaged gifts. My dad was never a huge fan of all the holiday commotion, a conviction that often earned him the Scrooge title, but one thing he undeniably loved (and had an uncanny knack for) was finding that gift you never knew you wanted but, from the first peek through wrapping paper, don't know quite how you lived without. I am lucky to have inherited this commitment to hours of searching for the very perfect gift for each and every person on my list, and I'm pretty excited to carry on that tradition for him. Even if such dedication requires that on Christmas eve I will be sipping my coffee and working my little fingers to the bone all night... that's where I'll be. If only my dad could also have passed along his impeccable wrapping skills...



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