November 16, 2012

Friday Favorites

Despite the unquestionably wonderful addition of fur to our household, I have managed to have what can only be described as a crap-tastic week. Little things have gone wrong, big things have gone wrong, little things have caused more big things to go wrong, and every day I've felt a bit like I was trying to walk up a very steep hill with a few dozen landmines planted -- you never know which step is going to explode right in your face. 
In my car on the way to work this morning, I thought of all the things that I could put on my anti-favorites list this week: bad drivers, mean people, expensive bills, cold weather... let's just say it was a long list with a lot of specifics. But in an effort to end the bad week right here and not let it contaminate my weekend, I've decided to focus on the things that are still making me smile, even as I keep getting knocked down that hill.

Since the death of my jeep, I've had the thrill of being able to drive a car with a fully functional dashboard, turn signal, heat, and so many little comforts that I missed terribly in my clunker. This car also came equipped with the holy grail, however: heated seats. My buns have never been happier, let me tell you. Thankfully, the car I'm looking into purchasing (this current ride is relatively temporary) also comes with heated seats, so I won't have to give this up anytime soon. Now if only I could rig my office chair....

The picture quality is terrible, but I was pretty proud of this dinner I whipped up the other night. We've had a friend staying with us for a few nights, so I felt the need to actually cook and decided to try a new recipe (from my tried and true and very favorite food blog, of course). The chicken and risotto recipe is here, and it was absolutely delicious (and those are mushrooms, in case you were worried). The asparagus was also pretty yummy, and made me wonder again why for years I avoided what has now become one of my favorite veggies.

If I were the kind of person who had the time/organizational skills/motivation/time to send out cute Christmas cards, this is definitely the one I would pick. Sadly (luckily?), 1. I don't, and 2. those suckers are expensive. But how gorgeous? A girl can dream. This whole shop is full of adorable temptations... so dangerous.

Enduring truth: there is no day so far gone that one of these babies can't do a surprising amount of damage control. I'm not sure whether it's the cheery red cup or the amazing stuff it holds, but I am a total sellout when it comes to peppermint mochas... they just make me happy, darn it.

Of course no list of favorites would be complete without these two little furballs. I am so lucky to have them around to keep me smiling... and to keep my feet warm. They are truly two of the sweetest animals I have known, and Dan and I are so glad that we got two snugglers!

And last but definitely most important, look who is almost here:
I'm so excited I can't even stand it! It is absolutely not an exaggeration that I spend the whole year looking forward to these few hours. The anticipation is killing me!

Happy weekend, everyone!



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