November 20, 2012

Five Days

This week has been mostly an extension of last week, days filled to the brim with how-many-more-times-can-I-kick-you-before-you-finally-just-stay-down-there? Without going into detail (mostly because I'm sick of thinking about it, since apparently that's what the middle of the night is good for), I am thoroughly frustrated and exhausted. Still, I'm clinging to a few very important, very happy things:

... these guys never fail to put a smile on my face.
I can't believe they actually stayed like this long enough for me to snap a picture... miracles do happen. 2 seconds after I got this shot, Toby came to his senses and darted towards higher ground, with poor Teddy toddling clumsily behind.

Boyfriend has a bit of a shoe obsession (just like his mama). He loves sleeping next to/on our shoe rack and carrying around dad's sandals even though they're almost as big as he is.

First Wawa trip and cutest picture to date? 
(The pictures that have graced the blog so far are only about 5% of the ones I have actually taken -- the other 95% are of a blonde blur with ears.)

Other things keeping me going:
(holiday food... duh)
(my favorite few hours of the entire year)
(a little illicit Christmas music... hey, whatever it takes to get through this week)
... and last but certainly not least, the fact that in exactly 5 days, I'll be on a plane headed here:
On Sunday, the hubs and I are finally headed off to a much-anticipated (and much-delayed) honeymoon. There just are a few rules:

1. no email/facebook/twitter/blogging
2. no guilt over rest days or increased calorie consumption
3. no talking about work, family, or any other stress-inducing topics
4. always say yes to another beachside drink

I think we are set, yes?
... no. I still have lots (and lots... and lots...) to cram into a suitcase.

So, plenty to look forward to. Plenty to smile about, despite all the things trying to convince me otherwise. Say it with me: fiiiive moooore daaaays......



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