November 1, 2012


Happy Halloween! (a day late...) Hope everyone got all the good candy and none of the sweet tarts! (Unless you like sweet tarts, in which case... I'm not sure whether we can be friends.) We had a pretty low-key Halloween around here. I went to the gym in the morning and was slightly disappointed to find not a single person working out in costume (not that I was, of course. Just hoping somebody would shake it up a bit). People at the office, however, were a very different story -- I spent the day with Robin Hood, the grim reaper, Cruella de Vil, the devil, a nun, and Dorothy and Toto (who was a little uneasy about sharing a room with Cruella). I went the easy route, dressed in all pink, and stood on one leg a lot...
worth it if only for the cute pair of pink tights I had to purchase...
We had a "soups, stews, and sweets" lunch at work that was fantastic -- so many crockpots, so many yummy winter recipe ideas! After work, I headed to our small neighborhood gym for a quick run before scooting home to hand out some of our candy. We didn't have too many trick-or-treaters at home, so unfortunately we have a very large, very dangerous amount of candy left over. Luckily at least half of it has peanuts, so the hubs will be required to help me eat it all. Poor Toby spent the evening cowering every time the doorbell rang... apparently he went as a "scaredy cat" for the evening.
When Dan got home from work we headed down the street to our friends' house, where they had an awesome fire going outside. I made pumpkin dip (which was not nearly as good this time around?), they provided the beer (I had an excellent lager from Thailand of all places), and I sat entirely too close to the fire until we decided it was time to head inside for a little Hocus Pocus action.
I didn't manage to get a good picture of our pumpkin, but Dan was pretty darn proud of that thing and got several compliments last night. This was the general idea:
Next year, I'm going to (take a week off and) try my hand at something like this:
But for now, we're on to my very favorite day of the year:
I'm counting the days!



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