December 26, 2012

A Very Merry (Instagrammed) Christmas

[egg nog + Mount Gay "Punch Kuba" straight from Barbados... perfection. also, homemade pompoms around the stems of the world's most persistent tulips -- still looking beautiful a week later]
[stunning sunset on Friday evening]
[this guy loves to sleep near the tree]
[snow flurries on Christmas Eve]
[puppy's first snow... he wasn't thrilled]
[Christmas hors d'ouevres... devoured]
[two furballs hoping for their own bite of Christmas dinner]
My Christmas was lovely, if hectic. I was lucky enough to get Friday and Monday off from work, so my extended weekend looked like a long wonderful holiday break from the front, and a quick wonderful holiday split-second from the back. We spent lots of time with family, a little time battling the last minute crowds, and entirely too much time in the kitchen (which is saying something for this baking-loving girl... I think it was the 12th batch of cheeseballs that did it). The best moments, hands down, were those that my little family spent snuggled up together -- a few late nights with egg nog and classic Christmas movies, making breakfast together early on Christmas morning, and even running those last minute errands, warm together in the car despite the frosty chill outside. I was spoiled by my sweet hubby with not just several amazing kitchen tools and a beautiful apron, but also a clean kitchen, a cup of coffee waiting for me, and later in the day a delicious Christmas dinner. My mom also spoiled us with lots of Crate & Barrel boxes full of more wonderful kitchen things. Can't wait to clean out my cabinets a bit and host a party with all my gorgeous new stuff!

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