December 31, 2012

Let's Review

Don't look now, but we seem to be sliding rather fast into a bright and shiny brand new year, ladies and gentlemen. I am, as usual for this time of year, full of hopes and dreams and dogged determination to stick to my resolutions for the next 365 days. No time like the present, right?
This weekend was a lovely one, thanks to kind neighbors and sweet friends. Dan and I will be celebrating the last minutes of 2012 tonight with a dinner date, followed by what will surely be a struggle (for me) to stay awake for that first kiss of the new year. I'm pretty excited to share a quiet night with our four-legged family members and a bottle of champagne from the vineyard where we spent a pretty special day back in September. I will be celebrating January 1st in style with a clean-all-the-things rampage... I know, it really bodes well for the rest of the year. On another note: if you happen upon that tornado that blew through our house last week, please send her my way -- I have a few choice words I'd like to share.
For nostalgia's sake, I'm tying a nice big bow on 2012 by sharing a few of my favorite snapshots today. This year brought a(nother) wedding, a new job, a move, a honeymoon, a new puppy, and lots of time with wonderful friends and family... quite a lot of excitement packed into what felt like such a short time. Here's what it looked like in the rearview:

we spent a fantastic long weekend wine-tasting, eating delicious food, and laughing with some of our wonderful friends.

Dan and I celebrated a sweet Valentine's Day with cute mugs and an amazing dinner, and we enjoyed a picturesque snow day.

 we enjoyed time with friends at a weekend redeployment event, I fell in love with Cookout, we cooked several great dinners (pictured: salmon, french bread pizzas, and pasta and artichokes), I started using the Nike+ app to track my runs... and Toby slept.

I went for a few great runs and ran an 8k race, we celebrated a sweet little girl's first birthday and our 1st wedding anniversary, I made a cake that resembled the wrong end of a rabbit, there were cupcakes... and Toby slept.

we dressed up for a family wedding, I pampered my toes and discovered a love for iced chai, we met Gary Sinise, spent a weekend at the lake with Dan's grandparents... and Toby slept.

I sweat a lot, Dan and I had a date night, my mom and I had a date night, and we fell in love with some sweet, fluffy puppies (just a little foreshadowing here...).

my handsome guy had a birthday, we spend a fantastic evening taking engagement shots, and one of my very best friends got married!

(pictures were few and far between because our life was in boxes), we ate yummy pasta and indulged in some fro-yo, our wedding invitations hit the mail... and Toby slept.

my life was a bit too preoccupied with planning a wedding to take many pictures, so here it is, folks: the very first wedding picture on the blog! this was taken before the ceremony, when we came together to open a gift from each other, hold hands around that corner, and do everything except lay eyes on one another. more to come!

Dan and I dressed up for a gala and caught a college soccer game, the Dalai Lama spoke at my alma mater, we went to meet the litter of puppies from which we would soon adopt, we admired our shiny new grill, I got to spend some time with our friends' adorable daughter and just weeks later held her newborn sister... and Toby slept.

the month of the puppy: we added a fluffy new member to our family.

we started off warm with a fantastic honeymoon, ended the year with a chilly but wonderful holiday season, and fit in a great concert in the middle... and finally, Toby slept.

What a year!
It might be tough... but here's to an even better 2013.



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