December 6, 2012

Photo Blitz

This blog is officially so-far-behind-I-don't-know-where-to-start. So-far-behind-it's-overwhelming. So-far-behind-I-don't-know-if-I'll-ever-catch-up. I keep thinking that if I wait long enough, I'll get so-far-behind-that-I-look-around-and-find-I'm-actually-ahead... but it appears that this is not a circular course. Bummer.
You see, a few weeks ago, there was this little holiday called Thanksgiving (remember that? so long ago!). So I lost a few days pulling my head in and out of the oven, trying not to let anything burn. And then we barely had time to take a breath before my birthday had arrived, and although it was a quiet and relaxing and wonderfully low-key day, it didn't leave much time for blogging. And then, right after my birthday, piling up like the best train wreck ever came 8-ish days of glorious vacation. And then there was a little recovery phase, in which I spent lots of time wishing I was back on the beach and grumbling about the gym, work, and my dirty house. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to hear from me during that fun few days. And that, my friends, equals two weeks that, while not so silent in real life, resulted in a little cricket music around here.
So here we are, entirely too many days into December already, and I'm behind.  So I'm catching up the only way I can think of: in pictures. Lots and lots (and lots) of random pictures. Sorry about that.
[Disclaimer: All of the following came from my iPhone, meaning 1. many are too dark, overexposed, fuzzy, or otherwise low-quality... this is not an art exhibit, and 2. this doesn't include a single shot of most of the fun things we did, because I didn't have my phone on or even with me the majority of the week. The better pictures (in terms of both quality and excitement) are on Dan's camera, so I'll share them another time.]

taken on my birthday... definitely my new favorite picture of us
the Dunkin Donuts that made arriving at the airport at 3:30 in the morning (after a 2.5 hour drive) absolutely worth it
boarding the plane
sunrise flight to Miami
our first view of the island -- Grantley Adams International Airport

part of our incredible suite at the resort
a bathroom too beautiful (and huge) not to share -- enormous walk-in shower, gorgeous jacuzzi, and a closet big enough for me to live in. nevermind the awkward angle of the picture... I was busy balancing my phone and a rum punch.
the view from our incredible balcony
balcony and our private plunge pool to the left
view from my nap the first afternoon (Sunday)
Monday morning on the beach...
... Monday afternoon by the pool. (Are you tired of my toes yet?)
This guy joined us for dinner Monday night in our private room at the resort's Japanese/Thai restaurant Zen (the best restaurant on the island according to Zagat). He seemed to like the food okay too.
beautiful sunset from Tuesday's oceanside dinner at Mullins Restaurant
rainbow on the island following a signature Bajan 10 minute downpour
One of the six gorgeous resort pools...
... and another. This one was built into the cliff overlooking the resort's beach:
... so this was the view below (although taken later in the day).
sunrise over the beach
my attempt to capture the panoramic view from our balcony
a very sad goodbye from our plane
our view from the hotel on a very foggy night in New York City (that's one of the 9/11 reflecting pools in the top left)
... and despite being politely asked not to, someone grew a bit while we were gone.....
At some point, I hope to write a more complete recap of all the fun and exciting things we did in Barbados -- a great catamaran cruise, swimming with sea turtles, riding horses on the beach, and getting flooded out of our apartment on the last night (there's fun and then there's fun). Tomorrow, I'll share some of the yummy food and drinks we enjoyed!



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Jenn said...

Aw I didn't know you had a puppy - adorable!! (Also I only just found your blog somehow.) Your vacation looks amazing!! What gorgeous beaches and pools. I'm glad you had such a fun time! I hope December is treating you well so far :)

Meg said...

Oh I'm so glad you found me and now I've found your blog, too - I love it! Congrats on being almost done with grad school, that is so exciting! Hope that your exams are going well!

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