December 17, 2010

Hello, World!

Well hi there! Welcome to my very own shiny new corner of the internet. The walls are still a little bare, but I'm pretty excited to start unpacking my boxes, setting out a few throw pillows, and making this a cozy spot to call home. I feel like this blog has been in the planning stages for so long, it's a little shocking to see it actually displayed on my computer screen and more than a tiny bit frightening when I realize that now I'm expected to actually update it once in a while (let's just say that my old livejournal and I had commitment issues). But in all honesty, I've been anonymously creepin' on loyally following so many lovely blogs for so long that even my fiance thought it was time for me to start my own. So here I am, inching out from behind my (rather comfortable) rock and taking a leap of faith!
A little bit about me: there have been quite a lot of new developments in my world during the past year, which means that although I couldn't have guessed I'd be where I am now, I am truly loving my life in this moment. At the end of April, after almost five years of dating, my wonderful amazing fantastic then-boyfriend (hereafter known as D, for lack of a more creative moniker) proposed to me. He is an officer in the army, my high-school sweetheart, my best friend, and (who knew?) has a pretty neat talent for picking out gorgeous rings. About a month later, I graduated from college and moved home to my mother's house, a waitressing job, and a future of interminable job applications. I've known for years that I want to go to law school, but as I approached the end of my undergrad years I decided that a year or two off from school would benefit both my bank account and my stress level. Dreaming of the perfect paralegal job to combine my love of law and my need for an impressive resume, I hit the classifieds hard. Over the summer D and I found a great apartment and signed our first lease together, a move which knocked me directly into adulthood: do not pass go and don't even think about using that $200 for anything but rent. Soon after, I was offered a job (with a salary! and benefits!) at a bank, and even though bank ≠ law firm, I decided to go for it. So far I am loving my work and my fabulous coworkers, adjusting to my new schedule, and trying desperately to make the contents of my closet fit "business casual." Living with D has been an exciting adventure, and I love coming home to him and our crazy cat each evening.
It seems, however, that as soon as life gets good... it changes. There are some big events coming our way in the near future (including a wedding and a deployment), so stay tuned as I ride this little rollercoaster known affectionately as my life. I am so excited to share it with you!


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