December 22, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

I feel like it might be a little early in the game to resort to the "random things on my mind, bullet point style" post, but after an early morning at the gym and a ridiculous day at work, that's about all my feeble little brain can handle. It's Wednesday, what can I say?
 -- I've discovered that there are few things in life sweeter than finally getting a pandora station to figure out what the heck it is you actually want to hear. After a long process of likes and dislikes and (for me, at least) yelling at the computer, hearing more than two good songs in a row is like a Christmas miracle. It's only taken two weeks for the darn thing to figure out that the most important similarity among Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Miranda Lambert, and Katy Perry is not, in fact, "interweaving vocal harmonies."
 -- There is a direct correlation between the number of days you work every week and the sheer wonder of having a day off from said work. When I waited tables I typically had several days off a week, and while I looked forward to them, it was with nowhere near the amount of anticipatory thrill that enveloped me this weekend. Monday did indeed live up to my expectations, despite the fact that I battled crowds and the turnover of merchandise from Christmas to Valentine's Day (I kid you not). Unfortunately I don't get a day off for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, but I'm counting the days to Martin Luther King Day!
 -- I am moderately concerned that when D leaves (oh did I not mention that deployment? There will be a post forthcoming.... when I am able to organize my feelings on this topic.) and I have no one to hold me accountable, I may eat pasta every single day. I had a bowl last night for dinner and I am already craving more. Not a good sign for the future... or my hips.
 -- On a related note, "D" has requested that he be referred to as "Dan." He's not into the whole letter thing. Something about thinking he's good enough for a whole name....
 -- I am seriously excited to spend our first Christmas in the new house -- it will be the first time that Dan and I will be together the whole day and I can't wait to share it with him! He has been teasing me with my presents for days, and he has some pretty great gifts to open himself -- if they all get here in time!
 -- Since when did all the "easy people" on my Christmas list become hard to buy for? I've never had trouble coming up with ideas for my mom or my step-mother, but these two ladies have inspired several sleepless nights in the past few weeks as I stressed over what they might like. Thankfully I finished both of them up on Monday and I think they will love everything they are getting!
 -- I leave you with this lovely bit of Christmas cheer... doesn't he look thrilled?

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