December 27, 2010

You Know, Santa Claus and Ho Ho Ho, and Mistletoe and Presents to Pretty Girls

Ah, the day after Christmas let-down -- always such a bummer. After a month preparing, Christmas day flies by so fast, whizzing through in a flurry of bows, gift bags, and enormous amounts of food. Despite its sheer speed, this year was wonderful: Dan and I were able to spend time with each of our families, a fairly impressive feat considering we visited five different houses of people during the day. Christmas eve was absolutely as stressful as I expected -- a long night of wrapping all the gifts for our families, baking my favorite sweet potato casserole, hustling Dan off to bed so that I could finish wrapping and stuffing his stocking, and laughing at the cat as he hid under bags and pounced on the ribbons I was curling. Once everything was under the tree, I curled up in bed was practically asleep before my head hit the pillow... which explains why despite setting my alarm for 7:00, Dan and I overslept by over 2 hours and were incredibly late to my mom's for breakfast. We headed to my dad's for lunch and then Dan's parent's house, had dinner at his aunt's house, and then stopped by his uncle's before finally heading home to clean up our wreck of an apartment and, again, fall into bed. Everyone seemed to love their gifts and Dan and I were excited to receive some wonderful new things ourselves. I got one of these:

and one of these:

and a few of these:
to feed my baking habit. Dan also got one of these:

from yours truly and don't tell him but I'm pretty excited about it too -- I can't wait to set it tonight and have it ready to go by the time I'm leaving for work in the morning. I also got some wonderful cookbooks that I can't wait to start using, a great comforter to keep our bed all snuggly and warm, a hot glue gun (from my ever practical mom - love you!), oh and one fabulous pair of these:

Love them!
So all in all it was a wonderful day and we had a great time sharing meals with our various families. Unfortunately, tomorrow it is back to work for a long week -- the other lady who works in my department is on vacation this week, so I will be all by my lonesome! I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a quiet week and I can handle everything on my own. Can't believe that we have less than a week left of 2010!


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