April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Oh hey there Friday. You certainly took your time this week, didn't you? Seriously, friends, this week did not play fair. I'm pretty sure someone squeezed an extra day in there when I had my back turned. The good news, though, is that it's finally over. This weekend could not be any more welcome!
I've been feeling a little bit under the weather since about Tuesday -- that headache has hung around, my legs have been super sore (thanks to almost 20 miles in the past 5 days), and I've been especially tired. Every day I have promised my body an early bedtime, but sadly I have neglected to keep my word on that and I keep finding myself still awake trying to get things done at night. Last night I spent over 2 hours vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, putting away laundry, and a thousand other tasks that have been piling up. While I'm glad that I got a lot done, this morning I really wished I had just given up and gotten two extra hours of sleep.
BUT today is Friday, the sun is out, and I have these lovely tidbits to share with you this week:

Have you been to one of these fantastic stores? I'd never heard of them until I went Christmas shopping with my bestie last December, but it was love at first sight. I purchased several gifts while I was there (and may or may not have gotten a thing or two for myself...) and have been dying to go back ever since. Or until two weeks ago, when I stumbled upon hometown's very own newly-opened shop. Hurray! I walked through quickly and looked around, but didn't allow myself to spend any money (oh, the willpower). I am already planning a return trip though: my jewelry collection is just crying for growth (I wear the same few pairs of earrings constantly) and I would love to find a home for some of their gorgeous decorations. Who can deny such a wonderful cause?

Confession: my survival this week required two trips to Starbucks. I try really hard to limit myself to one Starbucks run a week for the sake of both my waistline and my wallet (notice I make no such effort to contain my Dunkin' Donuts obsession... we all know our boundaries, right?) Some weeks, however, call for breaking the rules a little bit. Besides, the pumpkin bread? It calls to me sometimes.

This goofy wonderful guy always knows how to make me smile... and laugh out loud in a room full of cubicles. Our email conversations throughout the day are completely random, hysterical, and totally make my day. Recently he wrote me with a list of "exotic" animals he wanted to try as pets, including an Eastern Wallaroo (named Wall-E) and a Toyger to be friends with Toby. I agreed to both of these, but not the monkey who he wanted to train to run with me. I run so slowly, I'd hate to hold back a poor monkey.

Ahhh, retail therapy. I went shopping after work today and made a few exciting purchases: an adorable bathing suit top, a cute ruffle top, a new pair of running shorts, a pair of $1 earrings, and a really great dress for work. Unfortunately, I couldn't find pictures of most of these new additions to my wardrobe, so the above are stolen from my online wish list. I am especially in love with the one on the right -- so cute and perfect for summer! And speaking of wishing...

Yes, I watched the royal wedding this morning. I'm at the gym crazy early anyway, so I turned on the tv and read subtitles while I sweated through 5 miles. I thought it was a gorgeous ceremony and I definitely drooled over Princess Kate's gorgeous dress (does anyone understand why she's Catherine but Kate?), but I thought Pippa was  truly breathtaking. I can't imagine it's easy being the sister of royalty, but she seemed so graceful and sweet. She also just might have the cutest name in history. 
Hope that you are all as ready for this weekend as I am. Dan is determined to grill tomorrow night, and otherwise I'm hoping we will have a quiet, relaxing weekend. Sadly this is Dan's last (entire) normal weekend at home, so it will be bittersweet but hopefully fun!



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