June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites: Foodie Edition

The office is a bit crazy today, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick couple of favorites on this beautiful Friday. Since I'm short on time, I'm going to stick to a theme: yummy eats. I love going back and reliving delicious meals, and we've had several lately, much to the delight of my stomach and the dismay of my hips. Many of them have been healthy, but looking back I seem to have captured mostly the unhealthy ones... oh well. Rest assured that my week included lots of unpictured veggies, too.

Breakfast for dinner = always amazing. Even better with fresh bagels, super crispy bacon, and applesauce.
...And pumpkin coffee with whipped cream... I was definitely feeling some splurges this week.
Homemade macaroni and cheese... not exactly healthy, but better than a box I suppose (and much tastier).
I indulged in two of these beauties (on different nights) this week... yummmm.
Mexican night. Speaking of splurges.... sadly you can't even see the veggies that I promise were hiding in those burritos.
I know I'm a little a lot late to the overnight oats party, but I made them this week for the first time ever. My first attempt was decent, but this morning's (above) featured my signature ingredient: pumpkin. Oh. my. goodness. This is going to become a staple, for sure.
My very favorite lunch: a kebob (usually chicken, but I got lamb for a change today), rice, and cilantro-lime sauce from the incredible spot that is dangerously close to my office. Their salads are amazing too, but this rice? To die for.
Another (totally worthwhile) splurge... perfect for a hot afternoon. Also perfect for keeping me awake until 5:00 rolls around.
Sorry that you missed out on the asparagus, mushrooms, celery, and other colorful veggies that didn't make the pictures this week. Next time around I'll try to be a bit more inclusive... I just can't help it that mac & cheese just seems more photogenic than sauteed squash.
Happy weekend eating, all!



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