June 18, 2012

Weekend Sampler

This weekend was glorious. And I have proof:
date night! sad we didn't know where to look at the camera...
date night eats... yum. best fish and chips in town!
fantastic run super early on Saturday morning
refueling in the best way possible (pic stolen from a few weeks ago, but Saturday's tasted just as good)
more snacking...
beautiful view from the dog park
[his] and [hers] dinners at Outback Saturday evening with a wonderful friend. as you can see, hubs loves those cheese fries.
And then we made a horrible, terrible, wonderful mistake. 
Dan ran across a golden retriever kennel online and convinced me that we should go visit the puppies. Except it didn't take much convincing, so Sunday morning we made the hour drive to what turned out to be an awesome farm. With puppies. Be still my heart...
Go ahead, bask in the adorable:

chomping on my toes! these guys were definitely in the chewing phase... they wanted to bite our arms, legs, clothes, and one of them even got a rather large mouthful of my hair (luckily most of it remained on my head). I spent most of the time we were there with my fingers locked in the grips of little puppy teeth.
We did manage to escape without a little fluffball this time around (which is good and bad all at the same time, because there were at least three I would have taken, no questions asked). We are, however, excited to go back soon... these were by far the happiest two hours of my week, if not my whole month.
Honestly, who wouldn't just melt over a face like this?
Besides the pups, we also met a few horses:
a picture-perfect shaggy longhorn:
... and a donkey that may have had a thing for my husband:
donkey going in for a snuggle. Dan slightly unsure of the intentions of said donkey.
On the way home for Father's Day dinner, we also made a quick pit stop to love on our wedding venue a bit:
so beautiful!
All in all, a fantastic weekend full of food, running, wine, family, and puppies. What more could a girl ask for?
What's that? She could ask for one more adorable puppy picture?
Oh, well, I suppose I can do that for you...
Clearly he's a little depressed that it's Monday, too.
Hope your weekends were just as lovely!



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