June 11, 2012

Wedding Love: Save the Date!

So very true. As usual, talking myself out from under the covers this morning was probably the hardest thing I'll have to do all day. Luckily, my boss is on vacation this week, meaning that it should be a quiet and productive week on this end. I have a long list of things to keep me busy while she is gone, but I'm also hoping to have plenty of time to tackle the REAL list: the wedding to-do's. It's this list that grows by leaps and bounds each week, keeps sneaking up on me in nightmares, and leans over to tap me on the shoulder every time I sit down for a minute. It yells obscenities like "That wedding website sure isn't going to finish itself!" and "Your bridesmaids are going to quit on you if you don't find them a dress to wear!" and "Were you planning to have food at this wedding?? Because you certainly won't if you don't start planning it!" It's quite the taskmaster, this list -- a little less "important reminders," a little more tough love.
This week, though, I will be able to cross one of the major things off the list: with any luck (and just a few more hours of feeding envelopes through my printer), our save the dates will hit the road tomorrow, headed off to at least 10 different states. I am super excited for our family and friends to rip these babies open, because -- can I brag for just a second? -- they. are. amazing.
When I started my search for save the dates, I knew basically what I wanted: not just a "mark-your-calendar," but a way to explain the whole two-wedding thing. Sure, most family members and friends have been following along closely enough to know about our slightly unconventional plans, but I could just see the puzzled looks on some people's faces when they opened their invitations and thought "Aren't those two already married??" So I wanted our save the dates to spell it out in black and white (or grey and green, as the case may be): yes, we're technically married, but we have a legitimate reason to be doing it again, and we'd like you to be there this time around.
Enter the incredible Ashley of the Etsy shop Fish Feather. I took one look at her signature "Long Story Short" save the dates and fell in love. I adored her designs and the way each card told a sweet personal story, sharing everything from the big moments (the first meeting, the engagement) to the unique little details of each couple. I knew that this was the perfect way to tell our own story -- not just why we're getting married twice, but our whole story, a tribute to seven amazing years together. I wasted no time in getting in touch with Ashley, and she could not have been more wonderful. She put so much work into our card, making sure the spacing was just right, the colors were exactly what I imagined, and the wording was perfect. She took my vision (which was half vague idea and half type-A specific) and ran with it, creating a one-of-a-kind card that is even more adorable than I had dreamed. 

[Since family and friends haven't received theirs yet, and since Ashley worked so hard and I don't want to risk anyone stealing her awesomeness, I'm only sharing a little teaser. Rest assured, it only gets better from here... and yes, I did think he was kidding when he asked me to be his prom date all those years ago.]

I am dying with anticipation for our family and friends to see these. They are the perfect way to start our wedding excitement, and I made sure to order a few extras for us to keep -- I'm already planning to frame one and hang it with our wedding pictures! Please head over to Ashley's shop and take a look at all the fantastic invitations and announcements she has to offer. Her creations are all so original and wonderful, I promise you will fall in love just like I did.
Happy Monday, everyone!



The opinions included above are all my own, and I was not compensated for this post. Ashley is just so amazing that I had to share her!

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