August 6, 2012

A Monday on Mars

It seems unfair that the quiet, unplanned weekends pass just as quickly as the ones packed with activity, both flying by at speeds rivaling the Incredible Mr. Bolt (who truly couldn't have asked for a more appropriate last name). Despite its speed, though, this weekend was a nice one -- it included a yummy (and much needed) Friday afternoon pick-me-up:
(from a new fro-yo place that is dangerously close to my work)
... a few long but great gym sessions (if you can call not running "great," which, let's be honest, you can't), a few good homemade meals (including lots of veggies and this yummy pasta last night:
... dill and lemon and shrimp, oh my!), several loads of laundry (not so much nice as necessary), a few catnaps:
... some relaxing time by the pool, lots of Olympics, a great movie:
(I may or may not have a serious girl-crush on Jennifer Westfeldt)
... and best of all, a surprise visit from this guy:
... who came home for the evening on Saturday. Pretty great!
This morning even started off nicely (for a Monday) -- we got up in plenty of time for a decent workout (the hubs has joined me at the gym some lately), and I even had a few minutes to throw together my lunch without being late to work. 
Clearly, I'm not the only one in the country having a great Monday so far:
NASA seems to have broken the record for productivity on a Monday morning. I am super-impressed with the successful landing of the Curiosity, but also a little curious myself... haven't we always known there's life on Mars? I mean, kids have been singing about it for years...
(will anyone really be surprised if the little rover runs into a kid sipping a cocktail?)
... John Grey has already covered both Mars and Venus...
... and, perhaps most convincingly, we actually have footage of this guy:
I mean, really -- how much confirmation do you need?

Anyway... I am off to address my coffee cup and my to-do list this Monday morning. Hope that your weekend left you even happier than this:



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