August 27, 2012

Don't Forget the Sunscreen

Dearest blog,
Remember that "wedding blitz" week I declared about a month ago? When I solemnly pledged to get through my to do list or die trying? When I promised to attack things head on, get organized, and banish wedding stress with a steady diet of fearsome dedication and accomplishment? When I proclaimed that I would, for lack of a better phrase:
... and remember how it didn't exactly happen? How I got a lot done, but not everything? Maybe not even most things? How the to do list still looms? How the stress is still steadily gnawing away at my patience? Well.
I'll have you know, dear blog, that this morning I wrote another to do list. Not a to-do-before-the-wedding list. Not even a to-do-in-the-next-month list... because HELLO those are basically the same thing now (hold me). No, today's to do list was just a little old to-do-this-week list. And when I got to three pages, I cried.
There are so many things I need to get done in the next few days it is truly frightening. So many phone calls, emails, thank you notes, lists, purchases, forms, errands, plans... it's enough to send me running for my pillow and a warm place to hide with the kitty until this all blows over. Something tells me, though, darling blog... it's not going to blow over. It's just going to get increasingly more difficult and complicated the longer I put it off. Easy tasks will turn into big scary chasing-me-through-my-nightmares monsters if I don't get them done now.
So between the to do list, the workouts, the necessary hours at work, and the fact that my life is still found mostly in boxes... I think you know where this is going, sweet blog. While I love you to the ends of the earth, things are getting a little crowded around here. Don't fret, though, my dear -- this is good news on your end. I'm taking a hint from two of the smartest guys I know, and like their puzzler, I'm sending you off on... 
So pack your bags and get ready for sand in your toes, drinks by the pool, and long afternoon snoozes. You've earned it, my dear. Send me a postcard from the sunny side of life. Enjoy your time off the clock... but don't forget about me. I'll be there to pick you up from the airport, although I'm sure you'll be so tanned, refreshed, and re-energized that I won't even recognize you. Me? I'll be the harried one in the corner, hefting a huge bag of wedding paperwork and lists, frantically emailing and texting and searching for the best rates on tea candles. You'll recognize me.
Bon voyage, dear blog! Have a lovely week, dear readers!



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