August 13, 2012

Picture Perfect

I was all set to combat the Monday blues with a post about my very-favorite-thing-in-the-world (that's-not-an-actual-living-breathing-person): food. (Duh.) Thinking about ice cream is always the best way to start a week... and finish a week... and spend most minutes in between... but I digress. My food thoughts have been put on hold today, though, because tonight Dan and I finally get to meet our amazing wedding photographer. So excited! The only downside to this is that now I have only 10 hours to come up with a list of pictures that 1. includes all the billions of shots that I want to get on our wedding day and 2. doesn't send the poor guy running for the hills. So in the name of research, today's post is brought to you by lots of other couples whose fantastic ideas for unique, adorable wedding pictures I plan to shamelessly hijack. 
simple but so cute
through the ring
love this idea for the bride & maid of honor!
perfect for the gazebo at our venue
making the best of rain
love adding the shoes as depth to make the classic "jumping" picture unique
speaking of jumping... the expressions in this pic are priceless!
gorgeous idea
a few creative shots of the rings...
very cute -- and this looks a lot like the ring I absolutely adore!
such a special idea for moms and grandmothers
do I dare?!
ha! so clever
love how high she is and the way her dress falls
absolutely breathtaking...

Phew... and that's really just the beginning. Now if you'll join me in a quick moment of silence, as we mourn the passing of our poor photographer's sanity (and quite possibly my own)....



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