June 3, 2011

Catching Up

Oh hey there, neglected little blog. What's that? It's been a whole week? Really, please, don't remind me. Of course I still care for you. Don't pout like that. Trust me, in the next 12 months I will be much more attentive. Maybe a tiny bit whiny emotional. Definitely a little nostalgic. Probably even a little too wordy at times, when the cat stops listening and I need a place to vent. Don't you worry dear blog, I'm not going anywhere.

The past 8 days flew by at a pace that made my typical life speed seem like an evening stroll. Memorial Day? I barely even had time to notice. A whole week away from work? I don't think I even thought once about the fact that I was on "vacation." Even my built-in recovery day yesterday whizzed past without even a foot hovering over the brake. I know I always talk about how quickly the weekends go by and how fast my limited time with Dan has become past tense, but this week had to break some kind of land-speed record.
After a week away, I really owe you some sort of real post. Some honest writing, a witty joke or two, and maybe even some pictures. Lots of stories about my last weekend with Dan, the fun we had with friends, and how hard it was to say goodbye. I do have all of those things to share, but the truth is that the week has left me exhausted, both physically and mentally. I've barely slept in the past three nights, driven countless miles over the last week, and done my fair share of crying. I am dying to curl up and get a long night's sleep, but these days the only time that I'm not tired is when I lie down and stare at Dan's pillow. So from my exhausted and slightly overburdened brain, I leave you with just a few thoughts (and the promise to write about our week in the near future):
 -- I have the most incredible family and friends (who are basically family) in the world. I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of support they have shown in the past few days and weeks for both Dan and myself. They have rounded up their young kids to join us for "goodbye" gatherings, promised care packages to Dan and girls' nights to me, driven me or accompanied me for hours on the road, and texted, facebook messaged, and called in a huge amount of love and encouragement. I am so very lucky to have these people in my life and feel so comforted that even though the next year is going to be tough, I have lots of amazing people to help me through it.
 -- My hubby could not be making this lengthy, demanding, and frightening journey with a group of nicer or more capable soldiers. I was able to meet lots of Dan's closest friends and coworkers this week and am thrilled to know that he is heading out with people who are absolutely the best at what they do. I am also really encouraged to know that "his guys" (and girls) are not only highly experienced and well-trained, but truly respect and care for each other as well. Several of them also have very sweet wives and I'm hoping to keep in touch with them while our husbands are away.
 -- Goodbyes are hard. Coming home to an empty apartment is harder. I never thought that the formerly-annoying pile of Dan's clothes in the corner of our bedroom would make me cry, but the knowledge that he won't be back home for an entire year has hit me in unexpected ways. Last night I opened the refrigerator to grab a drink and was stopped in my tracks by the bottle of vitamin water he intended to take with him when he left on Wednesday. Pathetic? I'd probably rather you not answer that.
-- 2 months apart sounds long. Tack on a quick weekend together, and then add 10 more months away? Let's just say the next two months are going to fly by. I guess that will be good and bad: I want to get all of this over as quickly as possible, but I also want to be able to bask a little in this shorter separation, while communication will be relatively regular and I know that I'm not too far away from seeing his face.
This weekend is going to be busy and hopefully fun enough to distract me from the sadness of this week. I am spending time with a friend tonight and attending my brother-in-law's high school graduation tomorrow, plus I have lots of laundry to do, books I want to start, and lots of miles to make up from the past week of barely any running. Hopefully I can get some sleep too and start to feel a little like a real person again.
Happy weekend, everyone!



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