June 13, 2011

Monday... Monday... Monday

Goodness, is there an echo in here? Must be all that space in here where there should be writing...
Unfortunately, I've had good reason to be away from the internet recently: without going into too much detail, Dan's older brother was wounded in combat overseas last week. It's been a frightening few days, with some bad reports and (thankfully) lots of good updates, but as of yesterday he is finally back in the states. Dan's parents' are with him and now begins a long and tough road to recovery. He is a strong guy thought and in the end, he's very lucky to have his life, his limbs, and a good support system.
Other than this entirely unwelcome excitement, life has been otherwise calm. Poor Toby seems to be feeling better, the kitchen sink is full of dishes, I have about 16 loads of laundry to do... typical. I was able to squeeze in a pretty good long run Saturday morning before the sidewalks turned into molten lava (ie right around the crack of dawn), and made the excellent decision to end at my very favorite place. Heaven had better provide iced coffee daily, otherwise I'm not going.
I apologize for being so short and sweet today, but my to-do list is glaring at me from where it has been banished on the corner of my desk, and before long it may grow legs and little fangs and aggressively demand attention. After this half-sad, half-boring post, I promise to return only when I have something happy to share -- which I hope will be soon! Until then, I'll be catching up on all of your blogs... and maybe some sleep. Happy Monday!



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