June 9, 2011

Sneezy... and a few of his brothers

Thursdays are good for bullet points. Hadn't you heard? Today, I'm channeling my inner Disney:

 -- Poor Toby has been transformed into the feline version of Sneezy:
He has been sniffing and sneezing ever since Tuesday -- poor kitty! I'm hoping it's just a rogue allergy that will go away soon.
 -- I, on the other hand, am starting to resemble Sleepy:
The last week of little sleep and lots of emotion has started to catch up with me, and I've been sitting at my desk all day yawning and wondering when naptime starts. Definitely planning to go to bed early tonight!
 --  I have a few new friendships that are making me Happy:
After leaving college and moving home, meeting people and making friends became a difficult task, especially since I'm only on the market for girlfriends. In the past week, though, I've met two great girls around my age (through two very different sources) and am really excited to get to know them better!
 -- On the flip side, there is one thing that is making me a bit Grumpy:
Our neighborhood is completely smoke-free (inside and out), which I love. Recently, though, I've been noticing the smell of smoke when our bedroom windows are open. There is a row of garages right outside of these windows, and the two closest to us are used by the neighborhood maintenance guys. The timing of the smells make me pretty sure that one of them is smoking out there.
 -- In news that should probably make me a little Bashful:
My underwear matches my sweater today -- not just in color but design as well -- which is impressive considering my diminished capacity for thinking (blame the sleepiness above). Too much? Sorry, I'm a sharer...
 -- And finally, I've been feeling a little Conflicted:
... wait, there's no dwarf for that? Gee, Disney sure missed a chance for an interesting character there. Anyway, I'm a little torn these days: while I am dying for July to be here so that I can go visit my hubby, I also want time to sloooow doooown because I know that the faster that happens, the sooner I have to say goodbye for much much longer. On the other hand, once we make it through July, we are that much closer to Dan being home again for good (not much closer, but it's something). What to do?!
 -- Sorry,  Doc and Dopey:
[How sad is this picture?!]
Better luck next time, you two!

Happy Thursday, everyone -- we're almost to the weekend!



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