June 26, 2011

Silent Sundays: Weekend Snapshot

[left to right: Friday night included (1) an amazing glass of wine to go with a great meal with friends, followed by (2) yummy frozen yogurt. Saturday morning I went for (3) a fantastic run, grabbed my favorite iced coffee and (4) got on the road headed for (5) a really fun lunch with a fellow army wife and wonderful new friend. Saturday evening I (6) sauteed some okra with garlic and butter for a fantastic dinner, (7) painted my toes a great summery shade of pink, and watched (8) No Strings Attached. This morning, after a good recovery run, I spent some quality time (9) at the pool (and yes, that is an actual picture of our incredible neighborhood pool) before heading out with my friend C for yummy nachos. The only problem now? Tomorrow seems to be Monday again.....]



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