July 28, 2011


*Note: I am woefully behind on blogging. Case in point: my hubby's birthday was Monday, and I am just now getting around to writing this belated post. I flew home Monday evening after a wonderful but sad weekend saying goodbye to him, and between emotion and sheer exhaustion, I am still feeling a little like I was run over by a rather large truck. I promise to share a little bit about our fun in Indiana soon, though -- just bear with me while I try to wedge this whole 10-months-apart thing into my happy place so that I can start getting through it!*

Twenty four years (and 2 days) ago, when my mom was still just 5 months pregnant with yours truly, this guy was born:
[I apologize for the lack of baby pictures. Even if I had any, he'd probably kill me if I put them up online. Rest assured he was a very cute baby!]
Eventually that grinning kid:
... grew up and asked this girl to his senior prom:
He graduated from high school:
... and then from Valley Forge, where he commissioned as an officer in the army:
Over the years, he has grown to be an outstanding soldier:
... a wonderful uncle:
... a devoted brother and son:
... and an excellent father to two very lucky furballs:
(the puppy on the left is Macy, Dan's former dog who now lives with friends)
Best of all, though, he's become the most incredible husband any girl could dream of marrying!
I am so very thankful to call this guy my husband! While I was so glad to be able to spend some time together on his birthday, it absolutely broke my heart to leave him that afternoon, saying "see you later" when we don't really know when "later" will come. I know that the time will fly and he will be back home with me soon, but that day truly can't come fast enough.
Happy, happy birthday, my love! I miss you like crazy and love you even more than that!



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