July 10, 2011

Crunching the Numbers

I feel compelled to share a few numbers that I am particularly fond of today:

As of this morning, I have officially run 500 miles this year. Exciting milestone! And considering I didn't run for most of January or February (thanks to knee issues + cold temperatures + having a fiance who was home every night + laziness), I'm pretty sure that I'm on track to meet my goal of 1000 miles for the year. Since my runs are getting longer, 1200 might even be a more realistic goal. Also worthy of mentioning: 11.1 miles this morning means I am only 2 away from the half marathon distance -- hurray! Today's run was hot and I crashed a little around mile 9, but I was able to pull it together enough to get back to my car (albeit at a much slower pace). Still, I'm excited!

After what seems like a lifetime, this deployment is officially more than 10% finished. I'm pretty thrilled, even though every time I mention this to a friend, they give me a smile full of pity and struggle to suppress their urge to tell me that 10% is really a rather small number. I am fully aware that in the scheme of things, we've barely made a dent in this year, but luckily the percentage continues to grow slowly but surely.

I've had time to take two naps this weekend. I've eaten yummy Mexican two times (can you ever get enough chips and cheese dip?). I've had two delicious iced mochas. Gone for two lovely runs. And best of all? In just 2 more weeks, I get to see my handsome hubby! Apparently, good things come in pairs these days.

Hope your weekend has generated some equally pleasing numbers!



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