July 31, 2011

(Mostly) Silent Sundays: Animals of the Hoosier State

Last weekend (has it been a week already? sniffle...) I flew out to Indiana to spend four-ish incredible days with my wonderful hubby. I'll write a little more about the fun things we did in tomorrow's post (which also marks two months -- woohoo!), but I wanted to share a few pictures today. These are from our trip at the zoo, which was blazing hot but still pretty fun!

On the way into downtown Indianapolis
Dan is excited to see some animals...
red panda panting in the heat
sleepy tiger
Dan's favorite: the brown bear
This sign just cracked me up -- we did see some elephants, but apparently some days you can get up close and personal with them. I don't think any of us were too sorry that this wasn't an option on that day!
Dan and I love King Julian from Madagascar, so we were excited to see these guys and wondered if they all talked like Sacha Baron Cohen
adorable young giraffe
very cool looking bird
king of the jungle
this guy was digging a hole under the fence.... we didn't stick around to see if he made it out
cheetah love
And the award for ugliest zoo animal goes to... the wildebeest! This guy was hairy and muddy and had quite a pungent odor... yuck!
This little guy had to be censored.... he was sharing just a little too much!
I got to touch one of these little sharks... such a weird feeling!
my favorites!
A little hard to tell from the blurry picture, but this guy was sound asleep with his neck so far back that his head was completely upside down. I can't even imagine the crick in his neck he must have woken up with...
polar bear nap
And just in case you were interested in seeing a few non-furry mammals, here we are at the end, sweaty and exhausted but still smiling:
Love this guy!



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