February 21, 2012


There is nothing better than waking up on a Monday morning and realizing that it is, in fact, Tuesday. I am a big fan of four day weeks! Somehow (perhaps it could be the extra day?) I feel shockingly rested and ready for the week... or maybe it's that I'm ready for it to be over already. Either way, it must be some sort of miracle that I am not dragging the ground today, because our weekend was actually full of excitement... both the wonderful kind and the kind that makes you want to kick yourself in the head. Nice to have a balance, I suppose.

 -- Friday our poor puppy started experiencing some... intestinal issues. For the sake of preserving your breakfast and mine, we won't get into the details, but suffice to say that our carpet will never be the same. A few weeks ago, our vet had let us know that she tested positive for exposure to lyme disease, but assured us that since she didn't seem to have any symptoms, she would probably be just fine. And she was... until things got bad in the middle of the night on Friday (proving that pets really do wait to do these things on holiday weekends), at which point two slightly overprotective parents decided that she needed to be seen by a vet right then. ("Couldn't have waited just a few hours?" taunts hindsight...) One entire sleepless night and an exorbitant emergency vet bill later, we learned that Tess' symptoms have really nothing in common with the symptoms for lyme disease. Lovely.
3 days later? She seems to be feeling much better... and hasn't pooped in almost 72 hours. Really lovely.
 -- On a happier note, Saturday morning (on less than two hours of sleep) I ran a 5k, which is the longest distance I've logged in far too long. Even better, that was the first of three 5k distances I ran this weekend -- I followed it up with a second on Sunday and then another this morning. My shin pain was much better until today, but I'm hoping some stretching and more quality time with the elliptical over the next few days will fix everything again.
 -- Also on Saturday, I was lucky enough to enjoy time with two wonderful friends -- I had a lunch date with one and the other was visiting our hometown university and met up with Dan and I for dinner. Lots of yummy food and fun catching up with lovely girls! Between lunch and dinner, I also took a fantastic nap. I honestly wish I had time for one of those every day... I swear I sleep better during a two hour afternoon nap than I do all night.
 -- In case you didn't see my pictures on Sunday... it snowed! It started in the afternoon and I watched it begin to stick from the treadmill. Tess loved it and we spend some quality time down at the dog park freezing our toes off and watching her play with friends. In the evening, Dan and I drove around town with two very different goals: I was hoping to see our pretty town blanketed in a gorgeous snow (success) and Dan wanted to spin out and get stuck and be a man in the snow (not terribly successful thanks to 4 wheel drive). Nice to get one good snow in before spring comes (hint hint, nudge nudge... anytime now, really).
 -- Undoubtedly the best part of our weekend was yesterday, though, when we took a little drive out to one of our favorite little vineyards to sign a little contract, write a little rather large check, and make a little decision:

Meg & Dan: I do, part deux
September 28, 2012
Hooray! I am so excited to finally have a date and venue locked in. Now we get to start working on all the details: photographer, cake, save-the-dates... it's an overwhelming list and I'm so ready to start checking things off! 



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