February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites

Considering the to-do list that is sitting next to me and keeps tapping me on the arm impatiently, today's favorites are going to be short and sweet. With the kind of week I've had, I think it's pretty important to make room for some gratitude today. I apologize for the lack of pictures and generally decent writing though... I think this list may be sprouting teeth.

I am thankful for casual Fridays, especially those that end 45 minutes earlier than normal. I don't care if it's just so that I can rush across town to make it to our little pup's first vet appointment, and I don't care that I got to the office over an hour early to offset the difference: I'm wearing jeans and my day ends at 4:15, and that's what matters.

I'm thankful for late nights and early mornings (just not back-to-back). A few nights ago I stayed up late finishing a fantastic book and realized that it was the first time in weeks that I had been conscious post-midnight. It was quiet and peaceful and everyone was snuggled up asleep, and I enjoyed the "me" time immensely. Also, as hard as it was to drag myself out of bed super early this morning, I loved that the world was still asleep even as I finished up my workout and headed home before the sun rose.

My husband is getting some rather adorable Valentine's Day gifts. That's right... adorable. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I am lusting after so many of the iPhone cases on this site. Especially this one, this one, and this one (and at least a dozen more). And gosh, do I wish I could get this one for my dad... Marvin was his favorite.

Let's pause for a brief moment of honesty: one of my very least favorite things on this Friday? My left ear, which has been stopped up for almost two weeks now. At first it was pressurized and painful, but now the ache has subsided to a dull echo. Every time I open my mouth, I feel like I'm underwater. I think I'm starting to understand what Van Gogh was thinking that fateful night...

Another very favorite thing about this week: the yummy food it has delivered. Dan made the best ribs for dinner on Monday, my mom and I went on a girls' date to Melting Pot Wednesday (one of the best restaurants ever), and I am having a serious internal struggle over the fact that I want to eat today's lunch (pearled couscous: please please go to the store and buy yourself a box, you can thank me later) right NOW. Also, the plan is to make breakfast for dinner again tonight... yum.

I am really looking forward to some free time this weekend to gather the supplies for this cute craft (found on this beautifully-written blog). I'm thinking of making one with just pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. I am also patiently waiting on the delivery of a final necessity for another deliciously crafty project, which I will share when it is finished!

Finally, another "favorite" from my wish list: this simple piece. (Can it be a favorite when I don't even own it? Good thing I get to make all the rules around here...) Actually, it's amazing that I even like this right now, since I'm especially bitter towards most-things-running at the moment. I am determined to get rid of this stupid shin pain before it ruins the spring races I want to run, but the hours this means spending on the elliptical instead of the road have left me slightly increasingly extremely frustrated. Maybe wearing this gorgeous necklace would help me feel better?

Ok, my to-do list is now swishing its (rather lengthy, rather spiky) tail and grumbling ominously, so I think I'd better give it some attention. Or perhaps a small rodent for it to munch on...
Happy weekend, everyone!



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