February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites: In Brief

One heck of a Friday at work seems to have exhausted me of any inspiration or ingenuity I might normally be able to muster (a fact which does not bode well for the remaining 7 hours of my day), so here you have it: things I'm loving this week... in pictures.

[center picture via... I made the recipe this week but didn't take any pictures of my own!]
Clearly cookies were a major theme of the week... nothing wrong with that. Whoever decided that Valentine's Day and girl scout cookie delivery should happen in the same week should probably have a conversation with my waistline though. The middle left picture was taken on my first run outside in almost two months, so hopefully that counteracted a little bit of the cookie action. That sunset was definitely worth the resulting frostbitten fingers and sore shin. 
And finally...

There are exciting things on the horizon these days -- things that hopefully I can share in more detail soon. Even though I'm not normally a big fan of changes, these I am absolutely ready for.

Happy weekend, everyone!



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