July 9, 2012

Operation: Wedding Blitz

It's never a good sign when you reach lunchtime on Monday feeling like you've already lived a few days since waking up. When despite the moderate amount you accomplished over the weekend, you feel like the few days "off" left you simply more aware of all the things you have to do and infinitely more stressed. When the volume of yawns emanating from your cubicle is sure to be driving your coworkers crazy, and isn't doing much to help your stress headache, either. When it's not just the number of single things on your to-do list that is daunting (that number has officially hit the stratosphere beyond "daunting" and is now floating somewhere in "terrifying"), but the number of categories said list includes. When you have already determined, this early in the day, that the possibility of a milkshake this evening may be the one and only thing that will get you through until bedtime with a smile...

In a crazy determined attempt to meet all of this stress head-on, I have declared this week a wedding blitz. I am pledging that by the end of the week, that damn list will be significantly shorter, my head will be a little less panicky, and I will be a much nicer person to live with (because the whole point of this crazy process is to still have a husband willing to re-marry me at the end). I am going to send the emails I've been putting off, make the decisions I've been struggling with, and fork over a whole lot more money to some of our amazing vendors. I am going to scour Pinterest and Etsy, create color-coded Google docs and calendars, and obsess over budgeting. I am going to continue to owe my sanity to bridesmaids M and N for all of their help and support. I am going to embrace the phrase "you can sleep when you're dead," and by the end of the week, I am probably going to be counting coffee as its own food group. I am going to get. things. done.
Throughout the week, I'll be posting wedding-type things around here: centerpieces and bouquets, engagement picture inspiration, invitations and programs and paper goods galore, and possibly even a chronicle of my search for the perfect green shoes for my lovely bridesmaids. Posts are likely to be short and sweet and full of pictures. If you're not into that kind of stuff, I apologize and hope you'll come back next week: by then, I'll either have the entire thing planned down to the tiniest details, or I will be face-down in a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Either should be interesting...



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