February 14, 2013

Be Mine?

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap. Cynics everywhere whine, "But you should show people you love them every day of the year!" Well, I do (or at least I try really hard to). But give me an excuse for a nice date with the guy I love, a reason to get dressed up (or not, some years we don't), a reason to wrap up something small (or not, some years we don't do this either), a reason to hold hands and sneak in a few extra kisses? I'm all in.
I miss Valentine's Days gone by: making homemade Valentines (for everyone in my class) with my mom, gifts from the very first guy in my life (my dad, of course), overdosing on lollipops and candy hearts (yick) and chocolates from a Whitman's sampler box. Cards from grandparents (thankfully, one tradition that continues today: my sweet grandmother never misses a holiday and this year's V-day card arrived in the mail on Monday). Homemade mailboxes in elementary school. Carnation deliveries in middle school. Singing telegrams in high school. Red jello shots in college (uhhh... how did that last one sneak in there?) Valentine's Day as a kid was always so fun and wholesome (except for those college years).
Not that this year going to be any less fun or wholesome (no jello shots here). Sadly, my sweetheart has to work until late tonight, but I've planned a cozy evening at home with a few surprises for when he gets off (hi sweetheart, hurry home!). We'll make it up tomorrow on our first date night of the year... we haven't been out to dinner together since New Year's Eve. I got us reservations at a (relatively) new restaurant that we haven't tried yet, and I'm looking forward to a fun evening.
So if Hallmark really did invent Valentine's Day, then hats off to them. It's fun (and important) to celebrate those you love every day, but a little excuse for a date night never hurt anyone, either. And if you don't have a valentine this year, look on the bright side: you don't have to share the Whitman's sampler!

PS: If you haven't already, mosey over to Google today... too cute! My favorite has to be the squid & bear. 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



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