February 6, 2013


Some weeks run you more than you run them. Some days, the only time you actually feel awake is the moment you step into the shower after a run and discover all those places where your sports bra rubbed. Some weeks, you look down at your poor toes every morning and think "Okay, I really need to repaint those," but you know you won't because really, who even cares in the winter? Some days, when you pass the sunny park on the way to work, it's all you can do not to call in sick, take a quick left turn, and spend the day on the swings. Some weeks, watching the drama of others on Facebook makes you relieved that your own life is actually quite boring. Some days require two cups of coffee... before 10:00. Some weeks, the process of writing a to do list is so exhausting that you don't have any energy left to actually do any of the things on the list. Some days, most exciting part of the whole day is rolling over to go to sleep at night. Some weeks, falling asleep at one's desk is a very real possibility. Some days, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror leaving the gym and are surprised to see cooperative hair that you actually had time to fully dry, a matching outfit that even includes the single pair of pants you own that fits, and successfully masked dark circles under your eyes... so you celebrate with a trip to Starbucks. Some weeks, the only thing that's keeping you hanging on is a three day weekend... two weeks away. Some days, you reheat and re-spice a few random leftovers, throw them together in a bowl, squeeze a lemon over it, and call it dinner. Some weeks, you spend most of your time Monday through Thursday wondering why on earth it's not Friday yet. Some days, you'd rather just stay asleep on the couch than get up and walk all the way to bed.
Some weeks, there are exciting, important, blog-worthy things... happening to other people. This is clearly one of them. See you next week, friends!



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