February 21, 2013

Confessional, Part II

... but wait, there's more!

Confessions, Part II

 -- I spent hours designing thank you notes for our wedding gifts, my mom got me the sweetest return address stamp, I even bought a new pack of pens to use... and I've written all of four. I also haven't put any of our wedding pictures on facebook (and I've only shared one on here!) There are still several boxes of wedding decorations, hundreds of tealight holders, and one pair of formerly-white heels lingering in the corners of our house. I really need a weekend devoted solely to wedding aftermath.
 -- More nights than not, I make a pit stop at my freezer before heading upstairs to bed. I wash my face, put my pjs on, and crawl into bed to read and enjoy a Magnum ice cream bar. These things are super expensive, incredibly bad for you, and most definitely the reason that I am not losing any weight. They are also one of my very favorite things in life. My husband knows that bringing a box home can absolve all manner of sins, and his response to "I've had a bad day" is often "One box or two?" (Love him.) My poison of choice is the double chocolate, and if you haven't tried these yet, I really suggest that you don't because they are incredibly addictive.
 -- Most of my friends went through a "what on earth am I going to do with my life?" crisis during college. Some fit it in before they ever picked their major. A few had one just in time to switch their major. A handful squeezed in just under the wire, managing to find a grad school for something completely different than they studied in college. And then there's me. In high school, I was pretty sure I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I stuck by that in college and for the first year or so after graduation. Now, almost three years out, I'm finally starting to wonder... what on earth am I going to do with my life?
 -- Since I've already come clean on one of my unhealthy food loves, we might as well go all out. I very rarely eat fast food, with one major exception: I crave Taco Bell at least once a week. Go ahead, cringe... I usually do as we pull into the drive through. But when my hubby hands me the bag of warm, delicious burritos and I take a sip of my cherry pepsi, that guilt is pretty much forgotten. And when I bite into that first burrito and get a perfect combination of beans, cheese, and mild sauce... well, in that moment all is right with the world. In my defense, I never eat their meat. But there are few dinners I look forward to like a big fat burrito... followed by a Magnum bar. And now no one is left wondering why I go to the gym every day.
 -- I am the classic example of someone who would probably enjoy life so much more if I could just bring myself to push that "Deactivate" button on Facebook. It's not that I spend so much time on social media (although I will admit that if I'm bored, I check it more often than I probably should). It's more that every time I log in, I see posts that make me angry, upset, or just plain concerned about the future of humanity. As a rule, I stay far away from politics, religion, and ridiculous drama on my facebook page (and in my life). I wish I could say the same for others. So often, it seems like this site has become a forum to spew hate, intolerance, ignorance, and thinly-veiled lies for everyone and their brother to see (and "like"). Gone are the days when people would take the time to ask themselves "Is this something I would actually say to someone in person?" Nope, these days people are so open about attacking each other, making fun of each other, and revealing how witless and abhorrent they truly are. I have lost so much respect for a large number of people simply because of their "Facebook persona" lately.
 -- The showers in my gym's locker room are right next to the entrance to the pool, and twice in the past two weeks I've found myself dancing along to the aquatic exercise group's Ricky Martin mix in the mornings. That's definitely a blast from the past.
 -- I am terrible about remembering to shave in the winter. I can easily go over a week without the thought even crossing my mind. When I do think about it (or when my sweet husband catches a glimpse and makes his wookie noise), I tell myself, Who cares? I wear long pants to work and no one ever knows that I am a wooly mammoth underneath. But then, I think of the poor people who frequent my gym, where I don shorts daily. I don't doubt that I've caused a few people some worried moments... did I just see yeti run by on the track?
 -- I am a paper towel fiend. I try hard to use green products when possible and do my best to recycle, reuse, etc. But anytime I cook, I whip through rolls of paper towels like no one's business (except now it's your business. You're welcome.) Need to wipe off that counter? Just grab a paper towel. Rinsed my hands? Well that one's clearly dirty so I definitely need a new one. Speck of dust in that pan? Just swipe it with a paper towel, but be sure to use a clean one! I think my extreme towel consumption is related to a hypervigilance about cross-contamination and bacteria when it comes to my kitchen. I'm super careful about raw meat, eggs, etc. (I will totally be the horrible mom who doesn't let her kids eat cookie dough), so I'm forever wiping things off, washing my hands, and scrubbing dishes in between uses. I definitely owe the environment a few trees.

Well. That's definitely enough of that. I think everyone should be brutally honest about themselves every once in a while (something about building character), but don't expect me to be doing this again anytime soon... it's going to take a while to restock the pride I used up over the past few days. At the very least, blogging is certainly cheaper than therapy (although so is wine, and I think I may go that route next time). Thanks for sticking with me... here's to being imperfect!



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