February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Ah, Friday, so nice to see you again. Really, you should come by more often -- seems like you're always in a hurry these days...
This week has been wonderfully low key and included lots of time with family, extra sleep, wedding planning, reading, and some sniffling (I always seem to get a cold this time of year). I'm pretty happy that it's Friday though, and I can't wait for Dan to get home so we can spend a weekend full of good food, family, and of course a little bit of fooball!
I thought it would be nice to celebrate the end of the week by sharing a few more of the things I am loving right now. It's tough to narrow it down, but these are a couple things that brightened my week!

Just the thought of Dunkin' Donuts makes me excited -- I have been known to drive the 20/25 minutes to the only one in my hometown a ridiculous number of times in any given week. The one in my college town was oh-so-convenient and open 24 hours a day (best idea ever), and I miss that convenience something awful. I drank so much of their coffee to get me through all those all-nighters in school that I should probably send their CEO a thank you note for his help in earning my degree. Their bagels are also pretty fantastic, but the pumpkin iced coffee in the fall is hands down the best thing they sell. I miss it terribly in the off-season!

I have a serious crush on this dress from Express. I'm basically a sucker for anything that knots in the front, and this looks like the perfect LBD for summer nights -- either dressed up with heels or down with cute sandals. It's hard to justify spending quite so much on a dress when my closet is already half-full of them, but this one is on my wish list and I'm waiting for a weak moment to strike. While we're wishing, I would also love to have this girl's hair -- it's so wavy and gorgeous!

excuse the little + signs, this was the best picture I could find
Sad to say that this is not actually my bed, but I'm kind of in love with the style: the clean white and fluffy pillows, plus the awesome wall of plants (that let's be honest, I'd never be able to keep alive). The design is Ikea, which is one of my very favorite places in the world to spend both time and money. The point of this picture, however, is the bed itself -- my own has been such a good friend to me this week. There's nothing better than sliding in under flannel sheets and a big comforter at the end of a long day... and of course nothing worse than having to get out in the morning!

This bunny [found here] is the cutest thing I've seen in so long -- the hilarious caption is "sometimes the last carrot just isn't worth it." I had an adorable rabbit named Max for years as a child and have wanted another one for so long. Dan, on the other hand, is not so much in love with them, and I'm not sure how well Toby would get along with another furry animal sharing his space.

Speaking of Toby....
He has also earned himself a spot on this list. Please ignore the ugly chair (it was free!) and concentrate on the cute fluffy thing asleep in it. This darling little cat has been extremely good at keeping me company while Dan has been gone. I really don't feel like I live alone -- Toby has so much personality that it's like having a roommate, albeit one who sheds, meows for food constantly, and hasn't yet learned that his claws and my arms don't get along.

Last but certainly not least on the list of things I love right now is date night. Which is tonight, incidentally. I love that Dan and I still try to get out and do fun things even though he spends the whole week working and I know he'd rather just sleep all weekend to recover. I'm so lucky to have a fiance who spoils me just a little (he brought me flowers when he came home last week!) and loves me a whole lot! I believe dinner at Outback is part of our plan for tonight, and I'm already getting hungry....
Happy weekend everyone!



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