February 22, 2011

Long Weekend... No Really.

This weekend was super long (and not just because it had an extra day in it), but packed full of some of my favorite things... family, friends, cooking, excellent food and wine, gorgeous weather, and spending lots of time with my sweet fiance! I really couldn't ask for more. Here's what we've been up to the past few days:
It sort of felt like my weekend started on Thursday, because Dan finished up work for the week that morning and was waiting for me when I got home! It was a beautiful day so I went out for a run, but I quickly learned that our new neighborhood is really not the best place to run after dark. There are very few sidewalks, some pretty beastly hills, and before long I basically ran out of road, so I just turned around and came home. It was great to run outside for the first time this season, but I was a little disappointed. After that, Dan and I headed out to Bonefish Grill for a belated valentine date. We had a fantastic meal and picked up a gift certificate for his parents, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary that day, so we ran by their house to visit quickly after dinner.
Friday I woke up at the crack of dawn so that I could get to work early and therefore leave early. Luckily it was a quiet day and my sleepy self was able to lay low at my desk. As is typical, a major problem exploded across the phone lines about 15 minutes before I was scheduled to leave, but thank goodness it turned out to be a quick fix and by 4 my butt was scootin' out into the sunshine.... and right back into the car. Dan picked me up and we swung by Dunkin' Donuts (the perfect start to a weekend) before driving about two hours to meet up with his family, who had just left the first day of his brother's state wrestling meet. We went out to a wings place with them for what turned out to be a very long and interesting dinner, and then Dan and I drove to our good friends' apartment to hang out with them for a while and crash on their futon. I was so glad to see my bestie for the second weekend in a row!
Sunday morning we headed out for another day of high school wrestling. Dan's brother Z won his first two matches of the day but sadly lost his second two (both by just a few points). He ended up taking 6th place in his weight class in the whole entire state -- we were so proud of him! We had a few hours before the championship match/medal ceremony, so we headed out for a really great meal at... brace yourself... Hooters (unsurprisingly, a choice made by the 17 year old male in our midst). I've never been a huge fan of their wings, but hand me a basket of ribs and a beer and I'm a pretty happy camper.  We went back to get pictures of Z with his medal:
sorry for the terrible pic -- I forgot my camera and had to use my phone (Z is on the far right)
... and then a very tired seven people made our way back home. I for one made a crash landing into bed that night.
Sunday started off slowly: after sleeping late, I grocery shopped and then came home to make two cheesecakes while Dan cleaned the entire apartment (aren't I such a lucky girl?). Dan's parent's, Z and his girlfriend, and Z's wrestling coach and his wife (who are close family friends) came over for dinner that night, and we made our go-to pasta with chicken dish, homemade garlic bread, and a salad. The cheesecakes turned out really well... so well that I don't even have pictures! The first was a chocolate marble cheesecake (I did it without all the whipped cream on top) that tasted great and looked so fancy with the marbling, and the other was just a simple recipe that I topped with fresh strawberries. The best part? These were both of the "no-bake" variety, so I had enough time to make the crusts myself. Homemade graham cracker crust -- or chocolate teddy graham crust for the marble one, which worked surprisingly well -- is simple but so so good! After everyone else left, Z and Dan and I played Mario Kart on the Wii, which was a perfect way to finish off an evening of wonderful food, wine, and family.
Yesterday, Dan and I took full advantage of our day off by relaxing in the morning and then heading out to shop. I was in desperate need of more clothes for work, so my patient and wonderful fiance was tired of hearing me whimper when I go into the closet to get dressed every morning agreed to take me out. I stopped first at Ann Taylor Loft (aka my favorite place to buy clothes) and picked up a pair of black pants, a few sleeveless tops, and this sweater:
It's pretty colorful but so perfect for spring! We also headed across the street to Banana Republic, where I picked up a couple more tops and this great skirt:
So cute and on sale! Can't wait for the weather to finally get warm so I can wear all the lovely spring outfits sitting in my closet (because right now? It. is. SNOWING. outside. Last week was glorious, but apparently Old Man Winter isn't quite done with us yet).
Dan and I finished our shopping spree at Target, where we picked up several odds and ends and I finally caved and let Dan buy the knife set that he has been lusting over for months (don't tell him, but I really like it too!). We picked up dinner and headed home to watch a movie and go to bed early, since he had to leave for work at 4:30 this morning... boo.
Just thinking back over the past weekend wears me out, but luckily this week and upcoming weekend will leave me lots of time to relax, since Dan is working all week and through the weekend. Luckily I have a few things planned to keep me from getting too bored, including a long overdue dinner with my dad, stepmom, and grandmother, as well as helping my future-mother-in-law paint several rooms of her house, which I am way too excited for. Call me crazy, but I love me some painting. The rest of my week/weekend will also be filled with catching up for all the workouts I missed this weekend, finishing a book and hopefully starting a new one, a few good movies, and some quality time with my pillow. Can't wait!



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