February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

Oh goodness, words can't even describe how thrilled I am that it is Friday. I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend: Dan will be at drill until Sunday evening, and although I will miss him, I am looking forward to two days full of sleeping late, bonding with the cat, a few good runs, finally getting through that book I've been trying to finish all week, and cleaning our home sweet home. I might even tackle the piles of laundry that threaten to swallow Toby every time he ventures into our closet. After several super busy weekends in a row, I am really excited to take one off and just relax. In celebration, I'm here to share a few more of the wonderful things that have made my week...

Teddy Grahams! I haven't eaten one of these little guys in probably 15 years. I bought two boxes recently to use in recipes (honey to go with the cookie dough dip and chocolate for one of the cheesecake crusts) and have been snacking on the leftovers all week. They are the perfect cure for my mid-afternoon cravings for something sweet, and they actually aren't too bad for you (as cookies go). Plus it's been fun to relive my childhood as I bite their little heads off.... yep, terrible. You should see me with a gingerbread man.

I love the original "Keep Calm and Carry On" quote with the crown image and unique historic feel, but I can't help but fall in love with some of the adorable new adaptations of it as well. This has to be my favorite variation and I am so tempted to buy one to hang up in our kitchen. It's kind of the perfect little life motto for me right now -- after all, what problem can't be solved with a cupcake... or 3?

I know I'm a few months late on this craze (I'm used to being just a little bit behind the curve), but in my defense, I've been wanting to play forever and they just rolled out the Android app about 2 weeks ago. It is everything I dreamed of and more. My father takes his Scrabble very seriously and I seem to have inherited his passion... as well as a little bit of his fierce determination to win. every. game. Dan is slightly frustrating to play with because he takes approximately 3 days to come up with each word, but I've been playing with his little brother's girlfriend and luckily she maintains a much more desirable pace (and is quite a challenging opponent). Here's my question for all of you out there in blog-land: do any of you play words with friends? I'd love to play with you... I promise I'm not actually as competitive as it sounds!

I've been running into this new song from Zac Brown Band for at least a week in all kinds of places (including a few blogs, although of course I don't remember which ones now), but for some reason I didn't get around to listening to it until yesterday. Since then it has been on repeat, and I'm not kidding when I say that I must have played it at least 50 times. I love so much of their music -- they have amazing voices that blend well together and create some really incredible harmony. This new single is haunting and sad but oh so wonderful. The lyrics are also pretty great:  
When I close my eyes I see you, no matter where I am
I can smell your perfume through these whispering pines
I'm with your ghost again, it's a shame about the weather
But I know soon we'll be together, and I can't wait 'til then...

Does this even surprise you? Sometimes the promise of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, even when it's freezing outside, is enough to get me through a day... or even a week. I have to run over to that side of town after work today and I am so excited to have the perfect excuse to pick up a treat on the way home. Plus I went to the gym this morning, so I'd say I've earned this one.
Happy weekend everyone!



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