March 5, 2012

I'd Rather Be Sledding

I suppose I can think of worse ways to start the week:
tough to see, but there are lots of snowflakes outside that window
I had the gym to myself this morning and got to watch the snow fall as I ran. Normally I'd be frustrated to be relegated to the treadmill, but I can't really complain after two great runs outside this weekend. Both were a bit chilly, but Saturday I was even brave enough to wear shorts and didn't regret the choice too much. It was just so wonderful to be outside that even the crazy fierce wind both days couldn't ruin the miles. I am dying to get back to some of my normal routes, but I'm doing my best to work up slowly in hopes that the improved-but-still-present pain in my right shin won't get any worse. There are so many races I am just itching to sign up for in the coming months, but I'm holding off until I can be positive that I'm 100% ready for them.
This weekend was full of other nice things, as well -- birthday celebrations, yummy food, chances to sleep late, frozen yogurt, catching up with friends, wedding excitement, and lots of cuddles with a certain sleepy fellow...
Lest the weekend be too happy, though, fate was sure to even the score with a few low points: several hours of undesired apartment cleaning, a quick slide down a muddy hill on my *ahem* derriere thanks to an overenthusiastic puppy, and a particularly nagging headache on Saturday certainly did the trick. None of these little hiccups, however, could keep me from sitting here at my overflowing desk and wishing like heck that it was still the weekend. Especially since this:
clearly states one thing: snow day. It's times like this that I'm not a fan of the real world.
Happy Monday... if you believe in that sort of thing!



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