March 7, 2012


I would love to have something exciting to share with you today. It would be fun to talk about fantastic long runs or fancy new recipes or good news I've received or some deep epiphany I've had about my life lately. In reality, though, the most exciting things in my life are as follows:
 -- My run last night was made utterly miserable by the smelly, loud, disgustingly annoying guy on the treadmill next to me, who spent his time clinging to the front handlebar grips for dear life as he cranked it way up and attempted to sprint. He came within inches of flying off completely at least twice. I hate to be judgmental at the gym, but I it is so frustrating to be stuck next to someone who is essentially goofing off.
 -- We baked gourmet slice-and-bake chocolate chip cookies last night and I proceeded to consume as many as I possibly could... I lost count somewhere around cookie #6. I have no self-control when it comes to these things.
 -- I made my favorite super-easy sauteed veggie dish (garlic, onion, squash, mushroom, and okra this time) last night for the first time in forever, so lunch today is that and my favorite couscous. I'm not even hungry but I'm dying to eat it all right now... it will be a wonder if I make it until 10:30.
 -- A significant increase in mileage in the past week or so has left me practically unable to walk today. The soreness has been building for a few days but this morning's run was cut short thanks to serious muscle pain and general exhaustion. It's hard when I want nothing more than to keep pushing myself back into half-marathon shape, but my body insists that I slow down a bit. I think tonight may call for some yoga.
 -- A project at work recently has left me feeling like I'm running a marathon in 100 degree weather with a space suit on... while dragging at least 2 coworkers behind me as dead weight. The finish line looms somewhere mid-April, but right now that is a loooooong way away and it's been miles since the last water station.
 -- My desk is a mess and it. is. killing. me. My apartment is also a mess, which is even more frustrating considering the several hours I spent cleaning just a few days ago. Thanks to a dog who likes to play in the mud and a cat who leaves a trail of fur everywhere he goes, just keeping our living room and bedroom clean is a struggle. And that's before you even get to the dishes in my kitchen, which seem to spontaneously leap from the cabinets at night and pile themselves in the sink.
 -- The next thing on my wedding to-do list is to pick and build a wedding website. This weekend, I started to do "a little bit of research" on which ones I liked best... and now several days later I have a list longer than my arm of cute templates and designs. I think I need to hire a wedding planner just to make these decisions for me -- I'll do all the time-consuming work, I just need someone who is capable of actually making a choice.
So there you have it, the exciting life and times. I hope for all of our sakes that something wonderful happens soon, if only so I will have improved blogging material. Until then... Happy Wednesday!



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